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Assistance for Commercial Revitalization District Projects

county outline map showing revitalization areas

The Commercial Revitalization District Coordinator assists applicants through the County’s permitting requirements for land development and construction projects located within the County’s Commercial Revitalization Districts (CRD), Commercial Revitalization Areas (CRA), and associated Transit Station Areas (TSA). This service is provided as part of the Project Management Program.

CRDs were established to encourage economic development activities in older commercial areas of the county. The purpose of these designations is to encourage the improved economic viability, appearance and function of the designated areas through new quality development, rehabilitation and/or redevelopment by providing for specific regulations designed to facilitate the redevelopment of these areas.

The CRD coordinator is available as an additional resource to applicants during the development process by serving as a point of contact to the applicant and their design team. The coordinator can assist in answering questions, providing key points of contact for various phases of the process, help resolving questions or issues that may arise involving multiple reviewers or agencies, and follow up on the status of project tasks to ensure the process is progressing efficiently.

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