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Invoices and Payments

Getting Paid

There are three conditions that need to be met before Fairfax County can make a payment:

  1. The vendor must file an IRS Form W-9 with the County
  2. The goods or services must be received and accepted by the County
  3. The vendor must submit a properly completed invoice


Submitting Your Invoice

An invoice is a statement of charges submitted for goods or services rendered. Invoices must contain the applicable Purchase Order number and the County department that received the goods or services. Although a specific contract may cite instructions as to submitting invoices, generally, invoices should be submitted for each purchase order immediately upon completion of services or shipment of goods. The mailing address for the invoice is noted on each purchase order.

Prompt Payment Discounts

Should a vendor offer a "prompt payment discount" (i.e., the vendor will provide a percentage discount from the invoice amount if payment is made within a set time frame), time is computed from the date of acceptance of the goods or services, or, from the date the correct invoice is received in the office specified on the purchase order (or contract), whichever is later.

ACH Payment

Fairfax County offers vendors the option of being paid via an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) process in lieu of a check payment delivered by the US Postal Service. The ACH process allows vendors to receive payments for their invoices directly into their bank accounts with an email notification of the details of the payment. To request to establish an ACH account or change their existing ACH account a vendor must submit a request to a department they do business with.


Should you have questions concerning the status of a payment, the first step should be to contact the agency who received your goods or services. If you need further assistance, you may contact the Fairfax County Department of Finance/Accounts Payable at 703-324-2530, TTY 1 800-828-1140

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