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Lee Ann Pender
Chief Procurement Officer

Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing

Fairfax County spends nearly $1 billion annually on goods and services and its supply chain spans thousands of suppliers across hundreds of sectors. The Sustainable Procurement Team works to improve the social and environmental performance of its supply chain through programs such as Zero Waste and Green Procurement, Supply Chain Diversity and Equity, Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility, and other social and environmental efforts.

The Sustainable Procurement Team focuses on the following areas:

The County considers environmental attributes in the goods and services it purchases. Fairfax has a strong commitment to environmental performance, from its operational goals outlined in its Zero Waste Plan, Operational Energy Strategy, and others - to community focused efforts. These policies serve as the basis for requirements and objectives listed in county solicitations. Examples include recent custodial RFPs which contain green cleaning requirements as well as services in support of zero waste goals, solar power purchase agreements, electric vehicle charging stations, etc.

Prospective vendors: explore your fit and best position your products/services by reviewing the county's sustainability policies. A more complete list is available at this Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination website. We also encourage you highlight product or service attributes that improve the County’s environmental performance when responding to solicitations or submitting an unsolicited pitch to the Vendor Pitch Portal.

Current vendors: does your product or service contain environmentally beneficial attributes? With over 3,500 vendors and a wide range of impacts/approaches, we encourage you to share details and opportunities via the 'contact us' link below.

Fairfax County is interested in collaborating with vendors toward shared environmental goals - and recognizing these business partners on our Contract Search Engine and through other mechanisms. This website will be expanded with more green purchasing resources as they become available. Contact the Sustainable Procurement Team at 703-324-9818 or email via the link below.

Who Fairfax buys from matters. Impacts from the county’s supply chain i.e. our suppliers, our suppliers’ suppliers and so on are significant. For example, the Federal Government estimates that climate emissions from its supply chain - the raw materials, manufacturing, transport, etc. of its purchased goods and services - are four times larger than its direct emissions. And with $1 billion in annual County spending, supplier diversity is also a core consideration. A supply chain that mirrors our community's diversity helps establish a pipeline of innovation, ensures robust competition, helps buffer against risk and furthers the goal of economic inclusivity for all.

DPMM operates two supplier-focused programs, Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility and Supplier Diversity. The CSR program documents and monitors performance from mission critical suppliers across four focus areas: environment, labor and human rights, fair labor practices, and sustainable procurement. The Supplier Diversity Program provides support to the Small, Minority-owned, Women-owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned (SWaM) business community desiring to do business with Fairfax County.

Responsible and sustainable sourcing strategies deliver improved performance in Fairfax County and throughout the County's supply chain - with benefits shared between Fairfax, our suppliers and all stakeholders in between. Learn more about these programs below.

The systems, policy, procedures and staff conducting purchases all influence sustainable procurement outcomes. The Sustainable Procurement Team works to enhance the procurement process to deliver efficient, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

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