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Residential Neighborhood Percent Change/Sales Viewer

2024 RESviewer – Residential Equalization & Sales

Explore residential market sales that occurred in 2023 in Fairfax County using the 2024 RESviewer web application. This application was first brought to the public in 2023, and this year to make it easier to use a new filtering tool has been added. The filter allows you to search for sales in specific neighborhoods and drill down through the data by filtering by property style, age or size. We have also included a layer depicting the median percent change in assessment value. The median percent change calculated in the map is based on a comparison of current year and prior year equalization and includes taxable improved and vacant parcels. Current year assessment values are as of 1/1/2024. The application also contains a link to a video tutorial to help guide you through all the tools. 

This application may also be viewed in full-screen mode.

Definition of Terms 

Equalization: The change in assessed value based on market forces. In identifying equalization, the following properties are removed from calculations:

  • properties that have been altered based on permitted construction 
  • parcels that have been split or consolidated 
  • parcels that have been rezoned 

More information about the assessment process can be found in the Understanding Real Estate Assessments page
Median: The middle number in a set of data that are sorted in ascending or descending order. It represents the midpoint of the data. 
Neighborhood: Neighborhoods are groupings of residential properties to be analyzed for assessment purposes. The properties within the neighborhoods are influenced by similar market factors. The map depicts equalized neighborhoods only.  
Valid (or Market) Sales: A sale is considered valid when the transaction is an arm's length transaction and conveyance is via a warranty deed. This includes all parties being knowledgeable of the market, making informed decisions without undue influence, having the property exposed to the open market. In other words, transactions such as the following: transfers between related parties, duress sales, foreclosures etc. are not considered valid sales and are not included in this layer. Appraisers analyze sales within each assessment neighborhood to determine value. This application contains sales occurring between 1/1/2023 and 12/31/2023.

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