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Fairfax County Transportation Status Report Highlights Projects, Programs and Initiatives

October 15, 2018


Recently, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) released its bi-annual Fairfax County Transportation Status Report (FCTSR), which covers updates for Fairfax County transportation projects, programs and initiatives from March 2018 thru August 2018.


Fairfax County Transportation Status Report – August 2018


Highlights of Completed Transportation Projects

Between March and August of 2018, 20 transportation projects were completed, including 17 bicycle and pedestrian projects; two roadway projects; and one (1) transit project. In addition to these projects, 22 bus stop improvements were completed. The 20 completed projects listed below include five (5) Transportation Priorities Plan (TPP) projects that were approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on January 28, 2014. To date, 46 TPP projects have been completed. Also, included in the below list are five (5) Tysons area station access projects that were constructed to improve pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle connections to and from the Metrorail Silver Line stations. These projects were part of the recommendations in the Tysons Metrorail Station Access Management Study (TMSAMS).

  • Aline Avenue Walkway - (TMSAMS) Walkway along south side of Aline Avenue and east side of Gallows Road (Providence)
  • Annandale Road/Graham Road pedestrian intersection improvements - TPP No. 332 (Mason)
  • Fairfax County Parkway Bicycle Wayfinding Signage - TPP No. 117 (Braddock, Dranesville, Hunter Mill, Springfield, and Sully)
  • Gallows Road Walkway - (TMSAMS) Walkway along west side of Gallows Road to north of Old Courthouse Road (Providence)
  • Herndon Bus Operations Facility Expansion (Dranesville)
  • Hunter Mill Road/Mystic Meadow Way - Roundabout at intersection of Hunter Mill Road and Mystic Meadow Way (Providence)
  • Hunter Village Drive - Shoulder and pedestrian improvements on east side of Hunter Village Drive from Painted Daisy Drive to Old Keene Mill Rd (Springfield)
  • International Drive/Tysons Boulevard - (TMSAMS) Pedestrian intersection improvements (Providence)
  • Lorton Arts Cross County Trail - Multi-use trail connecting the Cross County Trail through the Lorton Arts complex (Mount Vernon)
  • Madrillon Road Walkway - (TMSAMS) Walkway on the east side from Boss Street to Gallows Road (Providence)
  • Oak Street Walkway Phase II – Walkway from west of Morgan Lane to I-495 overpass (Providence)
  • Post Forest Drive Walkway – Walkway northbound from Government Center Parkway to Legato Road, TPP No. 164 (Braddock)
  • Route 1/Belford Drive - Pedestrian intersection improvements (Lee and Mount Vernon)
  • Route 1/Frye Road Phase II - Pedestrian intersection improvements (Lee and Mount Vernon)
  • Route 1/Mohawk Lane - Pedestrian intersection improvements (Lee and Mount Vernon)
  • Route 1 Walkway - From Fairhaven Avenue/Quander Road to Virginia Lodge (Mount Vernon)
  • Route 7 Walkway - Northbound side from Glenmore Drive to Rio Drive (Mason)
  • Route 7 Bridge over Dulles Toll Road - TPP No. 222 (Dranesville and Providence)
  • Sunrise Valley Drive Walkway - Westbound from River Birch Rd. to Legacy Circle, TPP No. 351 (Dranesville)
  • Tysons Boulevard/Galleria Drive - (TMSAMS) Pedestrian intersection improvements (Providence)

For a list of projects currently under construction, review pages one (1) and two (2) of the report, or view the interactive project map online.


About the Fairfax County Transportation Status Report

FCTSR is released bi-annually by FCDOT and highlights various transportation projects that have been completed in the past six months, as well as the status of projects that are currently underway. The report also highlights activities by FCDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs; Capital Projects and Traffic Engineering Division; Communications, Marketing, and Fairfax County Commuter Services; Coordination and Funding Division; Site Analysis and Transportation Planning Division; Special Projects Division (Dulles Rail Phases 1 & 2); Transit Services Division (Fairfax Connector); and Transportation Design Division. 

For the most up-to-date report and interactive map, as well as to view past reports, visit

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