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Route 50 Bike & Pedestrian Improvements (Blake Ln to Prosperity Ave)

The proposed bike/pedestrian improvements along Arlington Blvd. (Route 50) will enhance pedestrian and bicycle access, mobility and safety from Blake Lane to Prosperity Avenue. A total of seven projects are included in this initiative, providing approximately 2,300 feet of 10 foot wide asphalt shared use path, 1,000 feet of 5 foot concrete sidewalk, two pedestrian bridge stream crossings, ADA curb ramps and bus pads. These projects are scheduled to start construction in Summer and Fall of 2022. Schedules will be updated as the projects receive final approvals and the necessary land rights for construction. The initiative is funded through Fairfax County Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Tax funds.

Route 50 bike ped projects


Project Number Project Name Description Status (as of May 2024)

Route 50: Blake Lane to Stonehurst Drive

10' Shared use path on the north side of Route 50 from the existing trail to the existing sidewalk west of Stonehurst

Construction Complete
April 2024


Route 50: Lindenwood Lane to Nutley Street

10’ wide shared use path with pedestrian bridge on the north side of Route 50 from the existing service drive east of Lindenwood Lane to Nutley Street with pedestrian signal modification at Nutley Street

Utility Relocation


Route 50: Bear Branch Pedestrian Bridge

150’ long pedestrian bridge with 250’ long 10’ wide shared use path on the south side of Route 50 between Bear Branch Place and Silvan Woods Drive



Route 50: Cedar Lane to Prosperity Avenue

10' Shared use path on the north side of Route 50 from Cedar Lane to existing trail and Pedestrian signal modification at Prosperity Avenue

Construction Complete
April 2024


Route 50: Chichester Lane to Cedar Lane

5' Concrete sidewalk with curb and gutter on the north side of Route 50 along the service drive between Chichester Lane and Cedar Lane

Construction Complete 
May 2023

2G40-088-079 PH A

Route 50: Ellenwood Drive to Chichester Lane

10' wide asphalt walkway on the north Side from east of Barkley Gate Lane to Chichester Lane. On the south side a sidewalk connection to the bus stop and signalized crossings at the intersection of Barkley Drive and Route 50


2G40-088-079 PH B

Route 50 at Stonehurst Drive

60’ of 5' wide concrete sidewalk connection to existing bus stop with curb ramps and crosswalks improvements at the intersection of Route 50 and Stonehurst Drive

Construction Complete
December 2022

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