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Sleepy Hollow Road Walkway Project

 News and Information

(July 2022) The Sleepy Hollow Road Walkway project is now in construction phase. On July 20, 2022, a public bid opening was conducted by the County where bidders submitted their bids to perform the walkway construction. The bids are currently under review. A contract will be awarded to a qualified bidder after completion of the bid review. Once the construction contract is executed, the County will send notification letters to all the stakeholders, including residents, about the upcoming construction work. The construction is expected to begin by late Fall of 2022 and completed by Spring of 2024. 

Please be advised that the County Wastewater Division also has a rehabilitation project to upgrade the Holmes Run Pump Station at the intersection of Sleepy Hollow Road and Dearborn Drive. The Wastewater Division’s rehabilitation project is separate from the walkway project. 

The rehabilitation work includes installation of temporary piping along the east side of Sleepy Hollow Road from the pump station to the west of Malbrook Drive. Please visit the project Holmes Run Pump Station Rehabilitation webpage for further information about this project.

Community Meeting Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed information on the three community information meetings, May 2021 plan sheets and other outreach efforts are summarized on the Community Meeting Archives page.

Project Background

The new pedestrian facility will include the following:

  • 4,800 feet of new concrete sidewalk between Bay Tree Lane and Castle Place to complete missing links in the existing sidewalk network.
  • Several pedestrian crossing points of Sleepy Hollow Road will also be upgraded by the project including at Bay Tree Lane, Dearborn Drive, Kennedy Lane, Kerns Road and Castle Place.
  • Other infrastructure improvements related to the project include curb & gutter, curb ramps, driveway entrances, retaining walls, drainage improvements, roadway and signing modifications.

Sollepy Hollow Road Walkway Map

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