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Reston Network Analysis

Reston Network Analysis Area Map

Project Background and Resources

The Reston Network Analysis was conducted to evaluate the conceptual grids of streets and road elements as recommended in the Reston Comprehensive Plan in the areas surrounding each of the three planned and existing Reston Metrorail Stations (Wiehle-Reston East, Reston Town Center, and Herndon). The objective of the study was to determine the improvements necessary to achieve Level of Service E or better, while maintaining a walkable grid of streets.

The end result is a network of streets in the station areas that are cost effective; require the minimum right-of-way with the least negative impacts to adjacent properties and the environment; and take into consideration the provisions of the Reston Phase I Master Plan. These improvements will mitigate problem locations in the three Transit Station Areas (TSA's).

The Reston Network Analysis began in February 2016 and most of the analytical work was completed by early 2017. A group of citizens and business representatives, the Reston Network Advisory Group, was established to guide the study and to provide input into potential strategies for a long-term funding plan for all the transportation improvement needed for Reston. Ten stakeholder meetings and four public meetings were held over the course of the study.  Materials presented al all the meetings are listed below. The Reston Network Analysis Final Report was completed in March 2018.


Advisory Group Meetings Community Meetings Stakeholder Group Meetings

Final Reston Network Analysis Advisory Group Meeting (May 22, 2017)





Final Reston Network Analysis Community Meeting (April 24, 2017)

Reston Network Analysis Stakeholders Group Meeting (March 17, 2017) 



Reston Network Analysis: 2030 Results and Roadway Classifications (March 2017)    


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