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Wiehle Ave/Reston Pkwy Station Access Management Study


As Fairfax County moves ahead to develop a plan for station access management and traffic improvements at the Wiehle Avenue Metrorail station, significant input from the public and identified stakeholders will be solicited and considered.

A project advisory committee, known as the Reston Metrorail Access Group (RMAG), was appointed by Fairfax County Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins in the spring of 2006 and was convened in July. At that meeting, the group reviewed information presented by Richard Stevens, the Fairfax County Department of Transportation Project Manager for the Dulles Rail Project.

In November 2006, Fairfax County selected the consulting firm Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) to develop the plan for managing station access issues and improving traffic conditions around the planned stations. As a part of the VHB team, The Perspectives Group will coordinate public involvement throughout the planning process.

The planning process is expected to take approximately 12-15 months and public participation will continue throughout. The Perspectives Group will design and implement a process that ensures that Fairfax County and VHB will get regular input and comment from the R-MAG and the public and that timely and accurate information will be delivered to all interested stakeholders.


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