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Land Use

districtsThe Comprehensive Plan divides Tysons into eight districts. Four of these districts are within walking distance of Metro stations and will be redeveloped as high intensity, mixed use areas, or Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) districts.

mix of usesMix of Uses

The map on the right shows that much of the land in the TOD districts is planned for Transit Station Mixed Use. This area is envisioned as 65% office and at least 20% residential, with the remainder in retail, hotel or civic uses. The two regional malls are planned for Retail Mixed Use, with at least 20% residential. Outside the TOD districts, certain areas are planned for Residential Mixed Use, with 75% residential and the remainder in office, hotel, retail and civic uses.


The Plan does not set a maximum density level within ¼ mile of the four Metro stations, but calls for the creation of high-quality urban environments with a mix of uses and activities. The Plan gradually tapers densities down for areas that are farther from the stations. About three-quarters of Tysons' development will be within a ten-minute walk of a Metro station.


The Plan encourages all Tysons projects with a residential component to provide a percentage of their units as Affordable and/or Workforce Dwelling Units (ADUs/WDUs). The appropriate percentage and range of area median income to be served depends on the building construction type and if the units are rental or for-sale. For more information, see the Affordable and Workforce Housing page.

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