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Fairfax County, Virginia

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Sharon Bulova,
Chairman, At-Large

Public Safety

In Fairfax County, we are very fortunate to have dedicated, hard-working, and highly-trained police officers, fire and rescue personnel, Sheriff’s deputies and first responders protecting and serving our community every day.

Being the safest jurisdiction of our size in the nation does not come by accident. It is a result of our public safety leadership, the teams they have built, and the vigilant communities they serve.

Feel free to contact my office anytime with questions or comments. Please see below for information on Fairfax County public safety departments, organizations and resources.


Police Department

Fire & Rescue Department

Sheriff's Office

Communities of Trust 

Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission 

Independent Police Auditor 

Civilian Review Panel

Diversion First

Veteran’s Treatment Docket 

Virginia Task Force 1 

Emergency Preparedness 


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