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Procedures for Unlawful Entry and Detainer Cases

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HB7001, which required landlords in nonpayment of rent cases to serve a 14-day notice informing the tenant of the existence of the Virginia Rent Relief Program and information on how to reach 2-1-1 Virginia for any other available federal, state, and local rent relief programs, ended June 30, 2022.  HB7001 still applies to any filings initiated prior to July 1, 2022The full language of the Governor's Budget Amendment HB7001 can be viewed here.

Landlords filing new unlawful entry and detainer actions that are based on termination notices dated 7/1/22, or later, are governed by Va. Code §55.1-1245 (Effective 7/1/22). 

The Court continues to encourage landlords to follow the procedures set forth in Virginia Code Section 16.1-88 to eliminate the need for ex parte proof on the Return Date in the event of default. If the Plaintiff anticipates that additional sums for rent will be due as of the return date, those sums should also be set out in that affidavit.

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