General District Court Procedures & Forms

The General District Court's Procedures, previously published as a single consolidated document, are being transitioned to existing as pages on this website.  This page will act as a "Table of Contents" of all of the procedures we have published.

These procedures are subject to change in response to legislative changes or other situations that require it.  The authoritative version of the procedures will always be considered what is live online.  Changes will be indicated via news items that appear on the Announcements page, and for major changes, other avenues may be used to give advance notice.

Please note: The process of converting our procedures to this new format is currently underway.

Court Procedures

General Policies & Procedures

The procedures listed here are common to the operation of all divisions of the Court.

Civil and Small Claims Case Procedures

The procedures below generally apply to both Civil and Small Claims cases.  In some instances, the policy differs slightly depending on the type of case - each page will list those differences where needed.

Criminal Case Procedures

Traffic Case Procedures

Court Forms

Listed below are the local forms developed by the Fairfax County General District Court.  Statewide forms (DC-XXX forms) are available via the state's forms page, located here.

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