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Prepayable Offenses List

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For any offense listed below, a defendant may enter a written appearance, waiver of court hearing, plea of guilty, and prepay their fines and costs. For offenses not listed below, a court hearing is required.

This schedule is applied uniformly throughout Virginia, and a clerk or magistrate may not change the amount of the fine when accepting prepayments. This schedule does not restrict the amount of the fine a judge may impose for an offense listed here if the case is not prepaid and a court hearing is held.

Please call the Traffic Clerk's Office at 703-246-2815 or the Criminal Clerk's Office at 703-246-3305 if your charge is not listed below. Some traffic charges, such as DWI, Reckless Driving, and Driving on a Suspended License, cannot be prepaid. Many criminal charges cannot be prepaid.

The total below includes court costs/processing fees, which must be paid in full for a single ticket. If you received multiple tickets, please subtract $51 for each traffic summons after the first and subtract $61 for each criminal summons after the first.

To verify the proper total, call the appropriate division or use the online payment system.  More information is available on the Pay a Fine page.

Please visit Prepayable Offenses for more information. 

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