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Return Dates for Civil Cases

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The return date on a Civil case is the first scheduled date for the case.  It is chosen by the plaintiff when filing the case, under the following restrictions:

  • The return date on a warrant, summons, or motion for judgment must be within 60 days after service.
  • All filed cases are returnable Monday through Friday at the time segment provided by the Court.
    • When you reserve a time slot, it is held for you.  Other firms are not allowed to file cases for these dates and times. Please be sure that you are not reserving portions of the docket that will go unused. Firms must cancel any reserved but unused slots at least six (6) weeks before the court date.
    • Fridays are reserved for Unlawful Detainer cases, Landlord/Tenant cases, and Small Claims cases only.
  • The return date on an Unlawful Detainer, including cases involving foreclosure, should be set for a Friday on a date assigned by the Civil Division, and service shall be made on the defendant at least ten days before the return date (Code of Virginia 8.01-126).
  • For Small Claims cases, both parties should be ready for trial on the return date.

Please use the court's calendar for referencing available filing dates.

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