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Requesting a Trial in an Accident Case

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If you were involved in an accident and wish to plead not guilty and have your case heard before a judge, please notify the court by checking the "Not Guilty" box on the back of the information sheet the officer gave you, and returning that sheet to the Traffic Division within 7 calendar days from the date the summons was issued.

If you have lost this form or have other questions, you may contact the Traffic Division at the phone number above to ask questions or to make the request via phone.

When making the request, you must provide your court date given on the summons, the summons number, your name, and your driver's license number. If the court does not receive this notice and you do not appear on your court date to enter your plea, you may be tried in your absence.

If this request is submitted timely, you do not need to appear on your original court date because the case will be continued for trial so that the officer and you may subpoena any witnesses. You will be notified of the new trial date by a continuance notice mailed to you at the address on your summons. Please be sure to note on the request (or to the person you are speaking to on the phone) if your address has changed.

You may also check your court date online using the Online Case Information system. In most instances, the new court date is not available until after the original court date has passed.

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