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Gloria Addo-Ayensu, M.D., M.P.H.,
Director of Health

Fairfax Health District: Monkeypox Update, August 3, 2022

District To Receive Additional Vaccine Supply, Available for Eligible Individuals

The Fairfax County Health Department (FCHD) is responding to the current monkeypox outbreak and is working with community partners to ensure residents who have been exposed or are at highest risk of exposure to monkeypox receive a vaccination. The FCHD expects to receive additional vaccine supplies from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) during the week of August 8 and encourages exposed or at-risk individuals to call the FCHD call center at 703-267-3511. Call center staff will send a link to a screening form and those who are eligible will then be put into a queue to schedule a vaccination appointment as vaccines become available. Because the supply of vaccine in the US is limited, screening to identify those who are at higher risk is important so that available vaccine goes to those who are more likely to become infected.

Monkeypox is a viral infection caused by an orthopox virus, the group of viruses that also includes smallpox. Monkeypox generally causes several days of a flu like illness followed by a rash or sores (pox), that may last 2-4 weeks; one is infectious from the times symptoms begin until the rash has resolved. Most, but not all, cases in the current outbreak have been identified among people who self-identify as men who have sex with men (MSM). Anyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can get monkeypox if they have close contact with someone who is infected with the virus.

Monkeypox can spread to anyone through close, personal, often skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. This includes direct contact with skin lesions, bodily fluids, or clothing or linens that have been used by someone with monkeypox. Spread can also occur during prolonged face-to-face contact.

The FCHD encourages everyone to educate themselves about monkeypox. To learn about monkeypox, visit VDH Monkeypox Communication Resources, the CDC Monkeypox website, and the Fairfax County Health Department website for local updates.


August 4: Updated to clarify screening and scheduling.

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