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Pieter A. Sheehan, REHS
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Food establishment inspection reports now available online

Members of the public can now access retail food establishment inspection reports more quickly and easily, as part of an update to the county’s new online PLUS platform.

Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu, Fairfax County Health Department Director, says the new system is “a step forward in offering available public health and food safety data that will enable residents and visitors to stay informed.”

Local health department environmental health staff inspect restaurants and other retail food service establishments to make sure employees follow safe food handling practices, covering sanitation, food storage and preparation, and have adequate kitchen facilities. In addition to restaurants, employees review childcare centers, hospitals, school cafeterias, and temporary food service vendors at local festivals to ensure the health and safety of these facilities and practices.

Anyone interested in reviewing recent Fairfax County inspector reports can use a GIS map or insert the name of the establishment, and the PLUS system will instantly provide the most recent report and activity history.

PLUS is the central platform used to create and submit applications online, pay fees, track application status, and receive electronic notifications. Residents are now able to complete their zoning, household appliance permit and other land development and environmental health processes through the PLUS portal.

Director of Fairfax County Land Development Services William D. Hicks, P.E, calls the state-of-the-art system and its ability to harness data and provide one entry point for access to multiple agencies, a “game changer.”

PLUS is also the backbone of Fairfax County Health Department’s new inspection reporting system that provides access to inspection reports using a novel GIS mapping format. Pieter Sheehan, Fairfax County Environmental Health Director, says “It is important to look at multiple inspection reports for a facility to truly understand their approach and commitment to food safety and sanitation.”

The Fairfax County Health Department regularly inspects more than 5,200 food service establishments in Fairfax County and the cities of Fairfax and Falls Church. Learn more about the inspection reporting system or look up a food establishment inspection report at the Health Department’s Retail Food Establishment Inspection website.

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