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Now is the Time! Schedule a Back-to-School Immunization Appointment Today

Children waving from a school bus windowAs the 2023-24 school year ends and summer begins, it’s a great time for children to get up to date on their immunizations. Parents and caregivers are urged to make an appointment for their child now with their health care provider to avoid the last-minute rush before the 2024-25 school year starts.

Immunizations are the most effective way to protect your child from serious illness and prevent them from missing school and other activities because they are sick. By ensuring your child is vaccinated, you not only protect them but also stop the spread of illness in schools and communities.

Parents of students entering kindergarten, 7th grade, and 12th grade should be aware of the Virginia immunization requirements.

Vaccines are available in our community. Find an immunization location that works for you.

  1. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider. We encourage you to reach out to your healthcare provider to ensure your child is up to date on their immunizations. Many providers require an appointment, don't delay, schedule it today. In addition to ensuring immunizations are up to date, families are encouraged to catch-up on routine medical care. This includes physicals, dental appointments, vision and hearing & screenings, routine vaccinations, and more.
  2. Visit a Health Department Clinic. The Fairfax County Health Department offers immunizations to all Fairfax County students as well those who are behind on their scheduled immunizations, need a booster, and to people who are new to country.

    In addition to regular clinic hours, the Health Department is offering several extended hours clinics to ensure children receive the immunizations they need for school. These clinics are open to all Fairfax County students who need immunizations, regardless of if they have had vaccines in the past, are new to the country, or need a follow-up to be up to date.

    Call today! Appointments are limited and required. Schedule your appointment by calling 703-246-7100.

    See extended hours clinics schedule.

  3. Find a community clinic. Inova Cares Clinic for Families provides childhood immunizations for patients who qualify for Medicaid, FAMIS, Inova’s Financial Assistance Program, or are uninsured. Learn more.

    HealthWorks for Northern Virginia and Neighborhood Health provide healthcare, including vaccinations, for children, families, and individuals, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Don’t wait to schedule your appointment. Make sure your children are up to date on their immunizations as soon as possible to help them have healthy school year.

Visit our website to see childhood and required school immunizations and the recommended vaccine schedule.

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