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Notice To Family Regarding Right To Appeal

Any parent, legal custodian, or eligible youth who is dissatisfied with the recommendations in the Meeting Action Plan (MAP) developed by the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) or Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) for reasons including but not limited to denial of access to the team, family participation in assessment, planning and implementation of services, or improper notification of meetings and actions, may file a written request for appeal to the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT).[1]  No appeal of FAPT or MDT recommendations for services shall occur unless funding is available for such services.

At the conclusion of the FAPT/MDT meeting, the Team will provide the parent, legal custodian, or eligible youth with the Notice to Family Regarding Right to Appeal which contains the CPMT-approved appeal policy and procedure.


To appeal FAPT/MDT recommendations, the parent, legal custodian, or eligible youth must file a written request for appeal within fourteen (14) calendar days after the applicable FAPT/MDT meeting to the CPMT Chair at the following address:

Chair – Fairfax-Falls Church CPMT, c/o CSA Staff
12011 Government Center Parkway, 4th Floor
Fairfax, Virginia 22035
FAX: (703) 653-1369

The CPMT or designee shall respond in writing to the person who has appealed within 3 business days informing him/her of the option to have the appeal heard by the full CMPT or a 3-member panel. The 3-member panel will include one parent representative appointed by the CPMT Chair. The CPMT must hold a hearing on the appeal within twenty-one (21) calendar days from receiving the written request for appeal. If the parent, legal guardian, or eligible youth chooses the full CPMT, the hearing shall be heard at a regularly scheduled CPMT meeting in executive session. All authorized services shall continue until the CPMT appeal process has concluded.  

At the conclusion of the appeal hearing, the CPMT may uphold or alter the FAPT/MDT recommendation. The CPMT shall communicate its decision in writing to the person who appealed within five (5) business days of the appeal hearing. This decision shall be provided to the person who appealed, the case manager, and the FAPT/MDT leader.

If new information that may have had an impact on the FAPT/MDT recommendations becomes available from other sources prior to the appeal hearing, the case may be returned to the FAPT/MDT for review if the parent, legal guardian, or eligible youth agrees.

[1] State due processes associated with special education, foster care, mental health, intellectual disability and substance abuse services are not affected by the Children’s Services Act.

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