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Unmask Historic Heroes from the War of 1812 at Colvin Run

War of 1812 ReenactorsDive into the past and experience the thrilling days of the War of 1812 as it comes to life at Colvin Run Mill Historic Site on Sunday, Nov. 5, from noon to 3 p.m. This is not just history; it's history with a twist – engaging, interactive and family-friendly.

At Colvin Run, the War of 1812 is not just about battles and generals; it's about everyday people who played a pivotal role in assisting the U.S. Navy. The homefront was their battlefield. Discover unsung heroes who made extraordinary contributions during these challenging times, including the remarkable efforts of women who stitched uniforms with care, while farmers, millers, and bakers ensured a steady supply of food for the Navy.

Meet the crew of Ship’s Company, a War of 1812 reenactors’ group, and get an up-close-and-personal view of what it was like to be a sailor during that era. Don’t miss sampling naval pudding, a delicious treat cherished by sailors during the war.

Also enjoy the opportunity to explore a fully operational mill and witness how grain was ground into flour. Step inside the miller's house and uncover the secrets of the past. Don't forget to shop in our general store and buy fresh-milled flour and cornmeal from the historic mill!

Mark your calendars as we transport you to a time when bravery, resourcefulness and community spirit ruled the day. Registration is $10 per person.

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Colvin Run Mill is located at 10017 Colvin Run Road in Great Falls. For more information, visit Colvin Run Mill or call 703-759-2771.

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