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Gary Logue,
Park/Rec Specialist

Recreation Services for Customers with Disabilities


The Fairfax County Park Authority is committed to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which includes making programs, services, facilities, and employment accessible for visitors and employees with disabilities. ADA accommodations include sign interpreters, alternative information formats, program modifications and inclusion support.




If registering for a program through Parktakes Online, please check the ADA request box on the registration confirmation page and complete the form which will generate an email to the ADA Coordinator. If completing a paper registration form or registering via phone operator for a program, please contact Gary Logue to request ADA accommodations.

The ADA Coordinator will provide the following to facilitate your participation:

  • Qualified sign language interpreters. All requests are confirmed prior to the start of the program along with the name of the assigned interpreter.
  • Alternative formats/auxiliary aids such as assistive listening devices, television captioning and decoders, TTY's, close captioned viewing, large print documents, audio cassettes, and braille materials.
  • An accommodation plan outlining how the Park Authority can meet accommodation requests of the customer. Training for the instructors or program staff regarding facilitation styles, communication methods, behavior redirection, or modification/adaptation of activities.
  • Sensitivity training for other class or program consumers.
  • Physical accessibility for all programs, services, and activities.

The Park Authority requires ten business days in advance of the registration deadline or event, whichever comes first. Overnight Tours require 45 days advance notice. If the request is less than the 10 days (or 45 days for overnight tours) prior to the start date, the FCPA will attempt to provide services; however, we cannot guarantee your request for services will be fulfilled. Questions? Contact Gary.Logue@fairfaxcounty.gov or call 703-324-8727, TTY VA relay 711.

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