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Maintenance and Stormwater Mgmt

Snow Removal

Public Streets

VDOT plowing snowy streetThe Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for removing snow and ice from the thousands of miles of public roads (interstate, primary and secondary) in Fairfax County. Clearing is done on a priority basis, with interstates and high volume roads cleared first. Public roadways can typically be identified by a route number sign posted at street intersections. Once the most heavily traveled roads and emergency routes are adequately clear, snow crews move to less-traveled roads and subdivisions. Please contact VDOT online or at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (367-7623), TTY 711, for further information.

Other Streets

If a street within a townhouse, condominium or business/commercial complex is not posted with a state route number, it is a private street that is the responsibility of the homeowner/condominium association or property management company to clear. Please contact your association or the property manager for further information.

If streets in newly built subdivisions or subdivisions that are still under construction are not yet posted with state route numbers, they are probably still under bond and are the responsibility of the developer to clear. For information regarding subdivisions that are under bond, please email the Bonds and Agreements Center staff or telephone at 703-222-0801, TTY 711.

The county plows only a few miles of designated sections of roadway that are in the Fairfax County Road Maintenance and Improvement Program. These road sections are identified by blue signs that say, "Fairfax County Maintained Here to ### feet." For snow removal on these street sections, please email the Maintenance & Stormwater Management Division or call 703-877-2800, TTY 711.


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As a community, we need to come together and take our snow and shovel it!

Neither VDOT nor the county clears snow and ice from public walkways (sidewalks and trails). While not legally obligated, residents and businesses are asked to help keep sidewalks safe, when possible, by clearing snow off the sidewalks in front of their property so that all pedestrians, especially school children, those with disabilities and the elderly, may walk securely.

Homeowner associations may require members of their communities to clear the private walkways abutting their property. Please contact your association or property manager for further information. Learn more about Snow Shoveling Safety.

County Buildings Snow Removal & Plowing

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