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Friends of Trees Awards

2020 Nominations Open

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 awards. Please submit by July 31, 2020.

Trees from Hidden Oaks

Individuals or organizations may be nominated for various tree related projects or programs. The individuals or organizations must have demonstrated outstanding conservation-based actions in preserving, protecting or planting trees. The following types of projects or programs may be nominated:

  • Preservation: projects or programs for land or easement donations, or appropriate tree care
  • Education: projects or programs that create publications, interpretive trail development, tree marking with identification tags, or presentations to the public about preservation, protection or tree planting
  • Planting: projects or programs that conduct seedling plantings, riparian restoration plantings or heritage species plantings
  • Maintenance: innovative tree care projects or programs without traditional funding sources

Awards are presented in the fall.

2019 Award Winners

Grounds Committee-Montebello Condominiums Unit Owner Association (MCUOA)

Grounds Committee-Montebello Condominiums Unit Owner Association (MCUOA)

The volunteers of this committee recommended actions to sustainably preserve, maintain and enhance the 22-acre common area woodland habitat and landscaped grounds which enhances the overall neighborhood.  Accomplishments include completing a detailed tree inventory and on-line interactive map of the trees on the property, a 5-year tree action plan approved by the MCUOA Board in 2018, an invasive management plan, and a modified erosion control plan.  A tree donation and planting program was also established in coordination with the Environmental Club which raised over $11,000 for the planting of 81 trees of 7 different species.  A regular speaker’s series also educates residents on the importance and value of the woodlands and common areas. For the continued dedication to tree preservation and planting and for setting a best practice example for the Mount Vernon District the MCUOA was awarded.

Volunteers of the McLean Citizens Association- Dead Run Stream Restoration

Volunteers of the McLean Citizens Association- Dead Run Stream Restoration

Representing a successful partnership with various citizen and community organizations in McLean, in the Dranesville District, efforts were recognized to restore a key 2,800 linear foot section of the riparian ecosystem running through the McLean Central Park and the Dead Run Stream Valley Park, which resulted in the citizen and community volunteers first meeting in April 2014. The group tirelessly collaborated with County staff, consultants, and contractors to subsequently form the “McLean Stream Team”. Results included minimizing impacts to existing trees, limiting construction access and reducing the use of heavy equipment during the land disturbance construction process. The stabilized stream banks aid in protecting property and reduce erosion while improving water quality of the Dead Run stream. Native tree species were planted, and invasive vegetation managed to restore and improve the vegetative stream buffer areas. All the citizen and community volunteers who contributed and collaborated in the stream restoration project were recognized as 2019 Friends of Trees and we celebrate the successful joint effort that serves as a model for future projects in the County.

Beth Brickhouse, Grades 1-3 Teacher-Greenbriar East Elementary

Beth Brickhouse, Grades 1-3 Teacher-Greenbriar East Elementary

Beth initiated tree planting at the Greenbriar East Elementary School early in 2019 as a 2nd grade teacher. She helped identify over 30 planting sites in the Springfield District. The first phase of tree planting was completed in April 2019 which included nine trees. Future plantings will continue in the Fall of 2019. In addition to organizing student participation for tree planting, Beth also arranged for County staff to visit the school to provide a lesson in the benefits of trees with an emphasis on stormwater management. Beth is well deserving of a 2019 Friends of Trees Award.

Mark Moseley, Title I Resource Teacher-Dogwood Elementary

Mark Moseley, Title I Resource Teacher-Dogwood Elementary

Mark is recognized for his vital role in first proposing a tree planting project at the Dogwood Elementary School in the Hunter Mill District in 2017. He helped identify 25 tree planting locations on the school grounds and was instrumental in organizing students for three phases of planting from the Fall of 2017 to the Fall of 2018. Mark is recognized for a 2019 Friends of Trees Award.

Michele Sullivan, Gifted Education Center Teacher-Mantua Elementary

Michele Sullivan, Gifted Education Center Teacher-Mantua Elementary

Michele had worked with Stormwater Planning staff to plant a bioretention facility as a teacher at the Mantua Elementary School in the Providence District, who referred her to the Urban Forest Management Division, which she contacted for help to plan tree planting activities with several grade levels in the Spring and Fall of 2018. In addition, Michelle assisted students in learning the correct tree planting procedures and engaged them in creating several bucket brigades to water the trees, making sure the trees got well established. Michele is presented with a 2019 Friends of Trees Award.

Belvedere Elementary School

Belvedere Elementary School

The third graders who had recently completed a lesson on stormwater were recruited to plant trees in the Mason District. The trees have established well since the planting and Stacey Evers, the Environmental Educator and a former Tree Commissioner, and the school recently planned an Eco Day that includes education in tree maintenance. Cecilia Vanderhye, Principal and Stacey accepted the award on behalf of the well deserving staff and students of Belvedere Elementary School recognized as 2019 Friends of Trees.

Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary School

Four planting sites for an Arbor Day tree planting project were identified by Paul Basdekis, Principal of the school. These plantings were completed on April 27, 2019 in the Mount Vernon District. Paul is also working with the Park Authority to reach an agreement to plant additional trees on County park property adjacent to the school in hopes of creating an outdoor classroom. Staff accepted the award on behalf of the staff and students recognized at Riverside Elementary School.

2019 Friends of Trees Awards

2019 Design & Environmental Achievement Awards

Past Award Winners

2018 - 2016

John Palmer
John L. Dudzinsky
Earth Sangha, Inc.
Plant NOVA Natives
Chet McLaren
Creekstone Communities
Valerie Mawdsley
Fairfax County Park Authority Invasive Management Area (IMA) Program
Ian Walker
Jerry Peters
Merrifield Garden Center
Eleanor Quigley

2015 - 2013

Alpha Phi Omega - Alpha Delta Delta Chapter
VA Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners
Fairfax County Tree Stewards
Lake Braddock Community Association
Willie Woode
David Swan
Jessica Strother
Harrison Glasgow
Tabitha F. Eagle
Level 3 Communications
Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District

2012 - 2010

Laurel Hill Community Association
Chris Pryateley and Barbara Lockett
Mathew Thompson
Northern Virginia Conservation Trust
Girl Scout Troop 1967
Pines Community Association
Hollin Meadows Elementary School
Peace Lutheran Church
Michael McMahon

2009 - 2007

Deborah Foster
Dane Kielsgard
Mason Neck Lions Club
Jeffrey Kirwan
Kim Scudera
George Washington Community School
Mount Vernon Ladies Association
Jeneatte Stewart
Lafayette Village Community Association
Congressman Gerald Connolly
State Senator Patricia Ticer
State Delegate David Bulova
Cheryl Robinette
Scott C. Plein
Ray Smith
Friends of Nottaway
Bill Canis
Chad Grupe
Larry Zaragoza
Jack the Ripper, Inc.
Katie Timblin, Potomac Gorge Conservation Easement
Meghan Fellows and Katherine Frederick, Fairfax County Park Authority
Kevin Munroe- Audobon Society of Northern Virginia
Great Falls Citizens Association, Heritage Tree Census
Anne Marie Jordan, Fairfax ReLeaf Board
Eagle Family Conservation Easement
Dan Meier
McLean and Great Falls, Celebrate Virginia
Annandale Woman’s Club, Landmark Tree Project

2006 - 2004

Dave Eckert
Ed Milhous
Margaret K. White
John H. Nelson Jr.
Maureen Stracke
Emily Chambers
Jackie Stem
Landmark Mews Civic Association
Barbara Hildreth
Darelyn Handley
Claudia Thompson-Deahl
John Fee
Michael McMahon
Dr. Dewey Bond
Kathryn Martin
Glenda Booth
Kay Fowler
Stuart Mendelsohn
John Wesley White
Sally Ormsby
Kaiser Permanente-Burke Medical Center
Merrifield Garden Center
Costco- Chantilly
National Park Service-National Capital Region
Ben Wharton
Beautification of Centreville
Darelyn Handley
Peg Corl
Priscilla Week
Friends of Huntley Meadows and Friends of Historic Huntley

2004 - 2000

Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District
Friends of Runnymeade Park
Paul Baldino, Retired Director, Fairfax County Park Authority
Rod Young, Fairfax ReLeaf Board
Merrifield Garden Center
Virginia Concrete
A&M Concrete
Lynn Hiltajczuk and Christy Beal, The Wilton Woods Garden Club
Wayne Compton, Springfield Starbucks
Colony Park Homeowners Association
Gene LeBoeuf
Rob Morris
Joseph Chudzik
Randy and Josie Lamb
Richard Black
G. Edward Karch
Senator Janet D. Howell
Patricia Grady
Supervisor Sharon Bulova, Co-Chair, Tree Preservation Task Force
Supervisor Stuart Mendelsohn, Chair, Tree Preservation Task Force
Reston Association
Barbara White, VA Department of Forestry
Rosemary Byrne, Earth Day Arbor Day Planning Committee
The Lamond Community Task Force
Fairfax Virtual Assistant