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2019 Hunter Mill District Paving and Restriping

News and Updates

Community Meeting Held April 4; Comment Period Closed April 23, 2019

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) held a public meeting on proposed paving and restriping changes in the Hunter Mill District on Thursday, April 4, 6:30 p.m., at Vienna Elementary School. Community members had the opportunity to learn about VDOT's repaving program, proposed striping changes and give feedback. The comment period for Hunter Mill District paving and restriping projects closed April 23.

Please note:

  • Paving-related comments (e.g., drainage issues, missing signage, signal repair, walkway repair and sight distance issues due to vegetation overgrowth) should be submitted through the myVDOT portal: If you would like to request road repairs, please follow the "I need a road repaired" link on the VDOT portal or call 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623).
  • Unfortunately, no additional roads can be added to the preliminary 2019 paving schedule at this point.
  • Striping-related comments (e.g., marked parking lanes, crosswalks, and/or sight distance issues due to parked vehicles) can be submitted electronically to FCDOT.

Hunter Mill District Information

Hudson Farm Road Restriping

(Update May 8, 2019) Abbotsford Drive between Lawyers and Center Street:  Based on community feedback, the existing road configuration with two travels lanes, bike lanes in each direction, and on-street parking on both sides will be maintained.

Creek Crossing between Miller lane and Old Courthouse Road: VDOT and FCDOT are proposing to stripe a parking lane southbound.

Creek Crossing between Fairway Drive NE and North of Avis Court: VDOT and FCDOT are proposing to add bike lanes between the parking and the travel lanes. Existing on-street parking will not be affected. (Braeburn Drive, pictured)

West Ox Road between Centreville Road and Fairfax County Parkway: Do to warrying road width, VDOT and FCDOT are exploring the opportunity to modify the existing striping to enhance consistency, traffic safety, and add bike facilities along this corridor, where feasible.

See VDOT's Northern Virginia Paving Program page for more information on road specific projects, status, maps and contact information, which is updated weekly during the paving season.


Paving and Restriping ProjectAs part of its annual maintenance, VDOT repaves hundreds of roads in Fairfax County each year. FCDOT and VDOT collaborate during the repaving and restriping process to efficiently implement the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan that seeks to improve traffic safety and provide transportation options to people around the County.

Paving work is scheduled to begin in April and conclude in November. Exact work dates are available about ten days prior to work beginning, as contractors set schedules based on personnel and equipment availability. In subdivisions, "no parking" signs with precise date information will be posted at least three business days prior to work starting. Residents can expect work vehicles in their neighborhood during the project. Motorists are asked to be alert to temporary traffic patterns. Cars, basketball hoops or garbage cans may need to be temporarily relocated while work is under way. Work hours are usually limited to outside of rush hours. Crews typically work on neighborhood streets weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. On other roads such as interstates and some primaries, work may occur overnight.

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