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Transportation Demand Management (TDM) in Fairfax County



Flexible Working Options:

Bicycle Programs:

Fairfax Connector Bus


TDM and the Development Process

Fairfax County encourages further growth of TDM programs by working with developers to create commuting options for their future residential and commercial tenants. The need for a TDM program is dependent on location, size, development type (residential, commercial, mixed use, etc.), and existing and planned transit options and retail in the area. Developments will create their own site-specific TDM proffer that incorporates elements of a TDM program, as well as incentives to meet those goals.

Because every development is unique, Fairfax County reviews TDM programs on a case-by-case basis. The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) offers TDM options with various levels of requirements, which are determined by various characteristics of the development such as location, size and use.

Common elements of TDM programs offered by developers include:

Designated TDM Program Manager Vehicle Parking Management
TDM Program Website Commuter Café
TDM Program Branding On-site Transportation Coordinators
Real-Time Transit Information Try Transit Campaign for Office Employees
Site-Based Transportation Access Guide Pretax Metrorail, Vanpool and Bicycle Benefit Programs
Special Event Management Guaranteed Ride Home Program
Live-Work-Play Marketing Carpool Matching Program
Bicycle Accommodations Telework and Variable Work Schedules
Incentives Residential Transportation Coordination
Carsharing Placements and Services  


TMAs Help Locally

In addition to these elements, sites that have a TDM program may join a Transportation Management Association (TMA) in their region/area. A TMA is often a nonprofit organization that brings together multiple stakeholder groups to address transportation issues in a certain area and reach transportation management goals.

TMA’s in Fairfax County include:

Next Steps

If you are a commuter in Fairfax County looking for resources on how to get to work, please start with the Fairfax County Department of Transportation home page. From there, you'll find links to transit, biking, ridesharing, telecommuting and more.

If you are an employer looking to build a commuting program that reduces workforce stress, increases worker loyalty, improves the environment, visit the Fairfax County Commuter Services page.  

For more information about TDM and Development in Fairfax County, please continue on to our Developer's Toolkit.




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