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Herndon Metrorail Stations Access Management Study (HMSAMS)


The purpose of the Herndon Metrorail Stations Access Management Study (HMSAMS) was to engage the public to identify and prioritize necessary bicycle and pedestrian facility projects to improve access to the Herndon and Innovation Center Metrorail stations.

Updated September 2022

  • Completed Projects: Six
  • In-Progress Projects: Eight
  • On-Hold Projects: Two

HMSAMS Projects

In-Progress Projects

Sunrise Valley Drive and Monroe Street; improve signalized crosswalks Construction November 2022

Van Buren Street and Worldgate Drive, install signalized crosswalk
Land Acquisition March 2023
Herndon Parkway and Herndon Metro Entrance North; install mid-block signalized crosswalk Construction August 2022
Coppermine Crossing to Merrybrook; improve FCPA fair-weather crossing to pedestrian bridge On-Hold TBD

Dulles Toll Road and Monroe Street; pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Dulles Toll Road
On-Hold TBD
Sunrise Valley Drive from Fairfax County Parkway to Innovation Station; reconstruct Sunrise Valley Drive from Innovation Station to Fairfax County Parkway to provide off-road bike lanes by narrowing median and travel lane widths
Design TBD

Herndon Parkway from W&OD Trail to Fairbrook Drive; add approximately 2,100-ft of two-way cycletrack on south side of Herndon Parkway
Bid Advertisement  February 2024
Van Buren Street from W&OD to Monroe Street Bridge; reconstruct with on-road bike lanes, sidewalks, drainage, and urban standards
Construction  March 2023
Innovation Station North Side Neighborhood Access; add shared-use path and lighting between Innovation Center Metrorail Station, Farougi Court, and Apgar Place
Design August 2025

Rock Hill Road Walkway Phase I from Astoria Circle to Turquoise Lane; construct approximately 500 LF of 5-foot sidewalk along Rock Hill Road, including culvert installation and retaining wall construction

Construction  September 2022

Completed Projects

Dulles Toll Road and Centreville Road; install signalized pedestrian crosswalk Complete
Innovation Avenue and Rock Hill Road to Innovation Center Metrorail Station; construct approximately 310 LF of 8-foot concrete sidewalk on east side of Innovation Avenue from Innovation Metrorail Station to Dulles Green Boulevard
Monroe Street from Fox Mill Road to Sunrise Valley Drive; provide 1,100 LF of 8-foot wide walkway on east side of Monroe Street to complete missing links
Monroe Street from Monroe Manor Drive to Dwight Street; provide 900 LF of 6-foot wide sidewalk on east side of Monroe Street to complete missing links
Chandon Park to Worldgate Drive; install shared-use path and lighting from Dulles Glen Apartments to Worldgate Drive Complete

Innovation Center to Arrowbrook; 600 LF of multi-purpose, lighted trail from Arrowbrook Development to Sunrise Valley Drive. HAWK Signal installation across Sunrise Valley Drive.



The TMSAMS Study resulted in the production of Station Access Manage Plans for each station. The effort was led by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT), was guided by a diverse 16 member HMSAMS Advisory Group, was supported by a consultant team and included three public workshops as well as an interactive, online survey. The HMSAMS public outreach process resulted in the participation of approximately 275 Fairfax County or Town of Herndon residents. The HMSAMS Final Report, completed in September of 2014 and presented to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Transportation Committee on January 20th, 2015, details the entire HMSAMS process and serves as the Access Management Plans for the future Herndon and Innovation Center Metrorail Stations, including recommended bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects for each station area.

In January of 2014, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved a transportation program including $1.4 billion in funding for transportation projects, spread out over the next six years. This six-year transportation program included approximately $21 million dedicated to HMSAMS projects. Now that the HMSAMS study is complete, FCDOT staff will use the HMSAMS Final Report as one of a variety of tools to make bicycle and pedestrian project funding recommendations to the BOS. Once these project funding recommendations have been approved by the BOS, FCDOT staff can move forward with the design phase of the highest priority HMSAMS projects.

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