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Pedestrian Program Sidewalk Accessibility Request Form

Fairfax County’s Sidewalk Accessibility Program requests public input for identifying accessibility issues on sidewalks, such as requests to add curb ramps. The Fairfax County Department of Transportation leads the planning, resource allocation prioritization, and the design and construction of new infrastructure to enable residents with disabilities full access to Fairfax County pedestrian facilities.

Please note that the pedestrian facilities within Fairfax County fall into three major areas of responsibility:

  1. Maintained by Fairfax County
  2. Maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation
  3. Maintained by private property owners

Curb Ramps

New curb ramps include a ramp with a tactile warning surface, landings, and necessary sidewalk transitions. Fairfax County will install curb ramps as soon as funding allows when requested by qualified individuals with disabilities at locations not otherwise scheduled for improvement. The program is not intended to address community concerns other than access for people with disabilities.

To request the construction of a new curb ramp at a particular sidewalk, please complete the following form.


First Name:*

Last Name:*

Street Address:



Phone Number:* (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

E-mail Address: (if you wish to be contacted by email)*

Note: If you do not wish to provide your e-mail address, please enter no@e-mail
in the e-mail field so the form will submit correctly.

Location: Please be specific and include intersection or closest building address.:

I certify that I, someone in my household, or someone in my direct care is a qualified person with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and that my request is based upon individual need.    

Yes   *

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation will respond acknowledgement of the request within one week.  The submitted information will be used by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation to determine whether Fairfax County, the Virginia Department of Transportation or a private property owner is responsible for the location requested, and the request will be forwarded if appropriate.   The submitted information will be used to determine what action if any is required, such as appropriate maintenance or new curb ramp construction depending on funding availability.

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