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Commuting by Bike


Bike Racks on Fairfax Connector Buses

Now it is easier than ever to commute by bike and bus as all of the Fairfax Connector bus fleet has been equipped with bicycle racks. Each bus has been equipped with a front-mounted rack capable of carrying two bicycles. Instructions on how to use the bike racks are available on the Fairfax Connector Web pages. An instructional DVD and brochure have been produced and are available at the Connector Stores .

Remember, there is no cost to bring your bike on board!

What about other transportation systems, can I take my bike on Metrobus, Metrorail or VRE?

All Metro buses are equipped with bicycle racks similar to those mounted on Fairfax Connector buses.  There is no additional cost and there are no restrictions.  For detailed information see the Bicyclists on Metrorail web page.

Certain restrictions are in place for taking your bike on Metrorail including peak period and loading restrictions. For detailed information see the Bicyclists on Metrorail web page.

The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) now allows bicycles but there are restrictions. For detailed information about using your bike on VRE trains, consult the VRE On-Board Policies web page.

Other Commuting Options

Fairfax County is trying to increase your commuting options.  Bicycle racks and lockers are available at most park and ride lots within the county.  To find out if they are available near you, visit the Park and Ride page.

Tips for Biking to Work

Hundreds of Fairfax County commuters bike to work every day. It’s not uncommon for a commute by bike to exceeded a distance of 20 miles one way. For most, the commute is much shorter. Bicycling is a healthy, clean, economical and fun way to get to work. To get started:

  • Lay out a bike-friendly route
  • Try a practice run to see how long it takes
  • Try biking one day a week to start
  • Find co-workers or friends to commute with

If you need help in finding a route, contact your local bicycle club or bike shop, most are more than willing to assist you. 

Remember, when sharing the road, make sure you wear high visibility clothing and abide by the motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth. At night, wear reflective clothing or accessories, use a headlight and taillight and always wear a helmet.