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ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan

Fairfax County is updating and combining the Bicycle Master Plan and the Countywide Trails Plan into the ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan. Active transportation means self-propelled, mostly human-powered travel including walking, biking, rolling (scooter, wheelchair, stroller), hiking, running, and riding for transportation and recreational purposes. The plan will establish a vision and a roadmap for implementation of safe, convenient, and enjoyable streets and trails in Fairfax County. 

On May 10, 2022, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously endorsed the Safe Streets for All Program, a comprehensive initiative to address systemic transportation safety issues for people walking, biking and using other forms of active transportation.

For more information about the ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan, contact the Active Transportation Team by sending an email at or calling 703-877-5600, TTY 711.

The project launched in the summer of 2020 and is expected to be complete by the end of 2024. The project has been split into two district phases:

  • Phase One included the development of a vision statement with supporting goals and objectives as well as a thorough inventory and assessment of previous planning efforts and existing conditions. This phase also included the development of a Safe Streets for All Program plan. Phase One was completed in May 2022.
  • Phase Two includes the development of active transportation network recommendations and facility and an implementation approach that includes policy, program, and project prioritization strategies.
  • A robust community engagement and awareness effort will be continuous during both phases of the project.

Fairfax County is continuing its efforts to prioritize transportation for all with its launch of the ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan. Active transportation is self-propelled, human-powered travel including activities such as walking, biking, rolling (scooter/wheelchair/stroller), hiking, running and riding.

Through collaboration with partners across the region, the ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan will:

  • provide an engagement effort that provides a wide variety of outreach tools and activities that aim to ensure all County residents’ mobility concerns, needs, and desires are understood and considered;
  • develop a vision to help shape the future of active transportation in Fairfax County; 
  • consolidate previous active transportation planning efforts into one cohesive document that is easy-to-digest and track performance;
  • encourage livable street design through the development of tools and products that ensures our transportation network connects people to where they live, work, play, learn and take transit; 
  • support access to safe, comfortable and connected active transportation facilities (such as shared-use paths, bike lanes and sidewalks) for people of all ages, incomes and abilities;
  • provide clear direction to improve safety for our most vulnerable transportation users; and
  • begin the planning process to update the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan.

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The ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan will build off of and combine recommendations from the following documents:

You can also follow the project by:

Thank you to those who attended one of the 12 virtual community conversations in Spring 2021 as well as the hundreds of respondents who took time to respond to the survey. Read the Spring 2021 Outreach Summary and Report.

•    View the recording of the Vision, Goals and Objectives community meeting.
•    View the recordings of the Safe Streets for All community meetings. 
•    View all past meeting recordings and materials.

The next round of public engagement will begin in August 2024.

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