Fairfax Green Initiatives

On February 5, 2019, the Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted the Fairfax Green Initiatives Board Matter, introduced by Supervisors Storck, Foust and (now Chairman) McKay to expedite consideration and implementation of 19 energy-related action items.

On July 28, 2020, the Board unanimously adopted a follow-on motion, Fairfax Green Initiatives #2, introduced by Supervisor Storck. Fairfax Green Initiatives #2 includes 14 additional environment and energy-related action items.

Staff in the Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination maintain an implementation matrix, identifying, for each action item in the Board Matter, the lead department(s) charged with implementation, whether the action item is complete or ongoing, whether an action item will be addressed in the CECAP planning process and the time frame for consideration of action items. Quarterly updates to the implementation matrix are provided to the Board of Supervisors and the PDF linked above is replaced accordingly. The implementation matrix was last updated in February 2022.

In the Lead Department column, acronyms are used to indicate the county department or agency principally responsible for each action item. A guide to the acronyms used is provided for reference below.

BOS:  Board of Supervisors
DEI:  Department of Economic Initiatives
DMB:  Department of Management and Budget
DHR:  Department of Human Resources
DPD:  Department of Planning and Development
DPWES:  Department of Public Works and Environmental Services
DVS:  Department of Vehicle Services
FCHD:  Fairfax County Health Department
FCHRA: Fairfax County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority
FCPA:  Fairfax County Park Authority
FMD:  Facilities Management Department
LDS:  Land Development Services
OEEC:  Office of Environmental and Energy Coordination
OEM:  Office of Emergency Management

For more detailed information on the action items included in the Fairfax Green Initiatives matrix, please see the pages linked below. These pages group action items by topic and make it easy for you to quickly see what has been done to date to address various areas of interest.

Climate Planning Action Items

Community Engagement and Advocacy Action Items

Financial, Budgetary, and Partnership-Related Action Items

Natural Resource Management Action Items

Planning, Zoning, and Green Building Action Items

Renewable Energy Action Items

Residential Energy Action Items


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