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John Morrill,
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New Climate Resilience Interactive Map Now Available

A new, interactive map tool is now available for Fairfax County residents and others interested in the county’s climate adaptation and resilience planning efforts. Produced in connection with Resilient Fairfax, the initiative behind the development of the county’s first-ever Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan, the tool provides users with numerous options to help visualize the potential impacts of climate change on Fairfax County.

Resilient Fairfax exists to help strengthen the county’s resilience to changing climate conditions such as increasing heat, storm severity, and flooding. The term “climate” refers to average weather patterns over a period of 20 years or more, whereas “weather” refers to short-term events or trends like an individual heat waver or cold snap.

The tool includes layers that can be toggled on or off, to give the user maximum flexibility and control over the map. Users can explore the anticipated effects of climate hazards like flooding and heat, and also look at assets throughout the county that are likely to be impacted. Asset categories included in the tool include buildings, utilities, transportation infrastructure, and natural or cultural resources.

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