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Adoption Snapshots

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Catch a glimpse of these families brought together through adoption. Parents share in their own words what it was like to meet and then build a bond with the children they have welcomed into their hearts and homes forever. These down-to-Earth profiles open a window into each family's journey from foster care to adoption. We're grateful for the parents who were courageous enough to partner with our agency to provide permanent homes to children in need. We hope you'll enjoy learning about their stories.

Adoption Snapshots White family feature photo graphic

The White Family

“You name it, these innocent children had experienced it; I had no idea. Over time I grew closer and closer to my younger cousins, Jason and Maria. As I grew closer, I also grew more protective. The last time their dad abandoned them ended up being the last time he would be able to abandon them.” Learn more about the White family story.

Adoption Snapshots Chirino-Mendez family feature photo graphic

The Chirino-Mendez Family

"We are a family of nine including our granddaughter. We adopted two of our six children back in 2009. Christion is now 20 years old and Patty is 16 years old. The experience has allowed us to not only give them the love, support, protection they deserve and need, but it has also taught us about life." Learn more about the Chirino-Mendez family story.

Adoption Snapshots Smith family feature photo graphic

The Smith Family

“As tough as 2020 has been for our family, at least one good thing has come out of it. We learned we would be able to adopt our now one-year-old baby girl. When I look at my family, I am amazed. I would have never in a million years imagined the way our lives would turn out.” Learn more about the Smith family story.

Adoption Snapshots Parker family feature photo graphic

The Parker Family

"Love is the greatest gift that we can give.” Learn more about the Parker family story.

Lindo-Allen family feature photo graphic

The Lindo-Allen Family

“After a few hours, things were going well, [between us and the children] and the agency folks opted to dismiss themselves. I distinctly recall watching the front door close behind them and thinking to myself, “Well, what do we do now?” Learn more about the Lindo-Allen family story.

Lawson family feature photo graphic

The Lawson Family

"Our family has grown through adoption! I know that is an obvious statement but when we first started fostering 10 years ago, I went into it thinking we were going to be there to love, nurture, and support children who were in abusive family situations. I knew we might have contact with their biological families, but initially my mind was focused more on the child coming into my home than their families. My thoughts on this have changed dramatically." Learn more about the Lawson family story.

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