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Adoption Related Services

The Department of Family Services' Adoption Program offers a variety of programs and services.

The application, mutual family assessment, and other services are offered at no cost to the foster family applying to adopt a child in our foster care program, whom they have been caring for through our agency.

Information & Referral

Information about adoption in Virginia and referrals to adoption resources within the state. Please call 703-324-7639, TTY 703-222-9452.

Adoption Counseling

Counseling services for birth parents (and their families) who are considering placing their child or children for adoption.

Home Studies
  • Agency adoptions. For foster families wishing to adopt a child (in the agency's custody) for whom they have been caring. Training and support are also provided.
Training and Home Study Process

This process is completed by all applicants and designed to promote self-assessment in prospective adoptive parents. It focuses on preparing them for their adjustment in becoming adoptive parents and their future role in raising an adopted child. Because of the serious commitment they are making, prospective families are encouraged to consider their decision at each step, particularly before meeting a child.

Components of the home study as required by state law include:

  • a background check of national, state and local police records
  • background check of child protective services
  • a medical/physical examination
  • marriage and divorce verification.

Other components of the home study include an assessment of the financial stability of the family, a brief autobiographical sketch, individual interviews, feedback from references and a home visit.

Special Needs Adoptions

Adoption of children considered to have special needs for one or more of the following reasons:

  • they are school-aged or older
  • they have one or more siblings
  • they have special physical, mental or emotional needs
  • there is a hereditary tendency, congenital problem, or birth injury that could lead to future disability
  • they are members of a minority race or of mixed racial heritage which may make it difficult to locate an adoptive home.

These children are eligible for ongoing support from the department and a subsidy to assist with the costs of ongoing treatment, services, or special accommodations. Each family receiving an adoption assistance subsidy works with a social worker to access subsidy assistance and obtain supportive counseling, information, and referral services for needed community resources.

Post-Adoption Services


  • assistance for adults adopted in Virginia wishing to search for their birth parents
  • consultation services to other adults interested in the search process
  • general information about adoption subsidies
  • ongoing assistance to families who adopted in Fairfax County and who are applying for or are receiving an adoption subsidy
  • a support group
  • Adoption Assistance
Non-Agency Adoptions

The investigation and writing of court-ordered reports in certain step-parent or relative adoptions.


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