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Fairfax County Foster Care Annual Statistics

Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, nurturing and stable environment. Unfortunately, there are some families who struggle to provide the security and positive childhood experiences their kids need. 

The Department of Family Services' Foster Care and Adoption Program offers children a temporary home with loving, dedicated foster parents until they can return to their families or go to permanent homes. The healthy relationships and environments foster parents provide are a buffer against adverse experiences and ensure the long-term physical and emotional well-being of children. 

Fairfax County Foster Care Statistics Updated May 2022

Fairfax County Foster Care Statistics updated May 2022 (outlined within webpage)

If you are interested in foster care, here are some statistics that you might want to consider.

There are nearly 5,500 children in foster care in Virginia. (VDSS).

There are approximately 200 children in foster care in Fairfax County.

Children in Fairfax County Foster Care

83 children entered Fairfax County foster care in FY 2021.

Of the children in foster care in Fairfax, 51% are girls and 49% are boys.  

The Percentages of Children by Racial/Ethnic Group:

  • 41% of children in Fairfax County foster care are Hispanic
  • 29% are African American
  • 16% are Caucasian
  • 8% are Multi-Racial
  • 7% fall into other groups

Ages of Children and Youth in Fairfax County Foster Care:

  • 37% are age 5 and under
  • 22% are age 6-13 years
  • 20% are 14-17 years
  • 22% are 18-20 years
Fairfax County Foster Placements

Types of Foster Placements for Children:

  • 54% of children in Foster Care in Fairfax County are in foster homes
  • 18% are in relative foster homes
  • 16% are in Independent Living
  • 7% are in congregate care
  • 4% are in trial home visits

Percentage of Foster Parents by race/ethnicity 
There are approximately 130 active foster families certified through Fairfax County.

  • 68% of foster parents are Caucasian
  • 12% are Black
  • 12% are Multiracial
  • 6% are Hispanic
  • 2% are in other groups


Children Leaving Foster Care in FY 2021

The median stay in Fairfax County foster care is 18 months. 78 children left foster care in Fairfax County in FY 2021:

  • 42% of Fairfax County children in foster care returned to their birth family
  • 28% of children were adopted
  • 19% were permanently placed with relatives
  • 9% of children aged out without a permanent home at 21
  • 1% exited in other ways


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