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Oriane Eriksen,

Children Awaiting Adoption - Creating Connections for Life


AdameMeet Adame. Calling all active families: 10-year-old Adame is on the move! Whether he’s riding his bike, going for a hike or just exploring the great outdoors, Adame loves to move around.

Adame is also incredibly caring. He thrives in building connections with others and showing people that he cares for them. When he was younger, he enjoyed caring for a baby doll named Adame Jr. This young man has a lot of love to give!

A great family for Adame will be committed to reassuring him of their support and will be there alongside him to help him navigate life’s challenges and decisions. Can you be that family for Adame?



alexanderMeet Alexander. Sweet and funny Alex, 15, enjoys sports and projects where he can display his creative talents, including drawing or painting. He's also very good at chess and card games. Alex particularly likes fishing and would love the opportunity to spend time doing that with a male figure in his life. He also would like older siblings he can look up to. Alex has a lot of energy, which can be expended learning new skills, such as cooking.


AyanaMeet Ayana, 14, she is friendly and fun and likes to keep things moving!  She enjoys swimming, riding her bike, exercising, and working on arts and crafts projects. Ayana especially loves discovering new music and sharing it with her friends and family.


Christian "Chris"Meet Chris, he is an outgoing and engaging 16-year-old. He makes friends easily with his fun sense of humor. He likes to play sports, as well as board games and computer games. He also enjoys cooking and singing and learning new things. Chris needs a family who is consistent, predictable, engaged and nurturing. He does best when given choices and positive feedback.




ElyasMeet Elyas. Elyas is 15 years old, with wisdom beyond his years of age. Some of his favorite activities are eating any kind of food, listening to music and anything outdoors involving nature. He enjoys playing basketball and football and wearing all the right shoes for each of his activities. For relaxation, Elyas likes fishing and going for long bicycle rides. He has a heart to serve and has ideas for how to do that at home and in the community. A great family for Elyas would be loving and respectful. The family would be highly structured and patient with his mistakes as he learns to grow from them.




Skylar with horse Meet Skylar, a confident and assertive 11-year-old and very much a leader. She also has a wonderful sense of humor and is engaging and talkative. Skylar is active and loves to be outdoors enjoying soccer, bike riding, horseback riding and gymnastics. She also loves animals including horses, dogs, and cats. Her favorite holiday is July 4 because she enjoys fireworks and the community gathering together. Skylar also loves art and often gives her artwork to friends and family as a way to brighten other peoples’ days. She also demonstrates her creativity by wearing the latest fashion.  Her favorite books are Twilight and the Cat Warriors. Skylar is in need of a committed and nurturing family who can offer the structure, consistency and stability that she needs.


TJMeet TJ, a very bright and insightful 15-year-old who really enjoys family time - chatting, outings, playing games and traveling. He likes watching football (especially the Patriots) and building with Legos 1000-piece sets and beyond. TJ enjoys visiting the library and is often found with a book in hand. A rare gem as a teen, he likes to clean and is very good at it! TJ's favorite quote is “Try, try again.”

Children with Pre-Adoptive Families

Currently, these wonderful children have families who have committed to adopting them.


HugoUpdate: Hugo is with a Pre-Adoptive Family

Meet Hugo, who is a creative, charismatic and caring 15-year-old. He enjoys joking around with others and making people laugh. He is a very smart youth, and he advocates well for himself. Hugo also enjoys doing fun things such as riding go-karts, going to the movies and caring for animals. He likes to play air hockey, football and basketball. 

Tammy, Michelle, Rony

Tammy, Michelle, RonyUpdate: Tammy, Michelle and Rony are with a Pre-Adoptive Family

Meet Tammy, Michelle and Rony.

Tammy is the oldest and loves to sing and listen to music. She has participated in the school chorus for the past three years. As an active member of her church youth group, attending church is important to Tammy. She is very helpful around the house and especially enjoys helping cook meals. Going out to eat is also a favorite outing for Tammy, and given the choice she will usually choose a Thai, sushi or Mexican restaurant. Tammy enjoys interacting with her school friends, texting on her phone, playing on her tablet, watching television and going to the movies.

Michelle’s favorite color is pink. She has a love for making arts and crafts and playing computer games. A perfect day for Michelle would include riding her bike, swimming, and eating sushi! Michelle is very helpful around the house and also loves cooking. She is an animal lover and takes care of the family pets.

Rony’s smile can light up a room. He is a sweet boy who enjoys going to school. He is a fan of the Power Rangers and enjoys playing video games. When the weather is nice he could spend his entire day riding his big wheel or splashing around in the pool.

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