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Bridges to Success

Success is in you. Let us help you find it.

Bridges to Success offers employment and well-being assistance to those struggling to overcome obstacles hindering them from finding or keeping a job. Participants meet with professionals and receive recommendations on how to overcome challenges and focus on their goals. Based on those recommendations and with the support of the Bridges to Success team, participants are able to customize their experience and access the supportive services necessary to move towards a successful future.

Video – Bridges to Success – Employment and Well-Being Assistance

Why take the bridge?

Those choosing to participate in the Bridges to Success program receive help:

  • Identifying what is in the way of their employment dreams.
  • Creating an action plan to move closer to their career goals.
  • Connecting with professionals trained in job readiness.
  • Finding and maintaining stable employment.
Who can cross the bridge?

All participants must be receiving TANF and relate to one or more of the following:

  • Receiving TANF and interested in finding a job?
  • Constantly being fired or let go from work?
  • Frustrated when trying to learn and remember new information?
  • Regularly worrying about everyday things?
  • Struggling to see a future different from where you are now?
  • Interested in creating a new path to success?
  • Open to working with trained professionals who want you to succeed?
Success Stories

Sofia was referred to Bridges to Success from the VIEW program. She had been placed in special education classes throughout her academic career and experienced severe abuse from her family and friends throughout her childhood. As a young adult, Sofia found herself incarcerated for two and a half years. Concerned about what a felony on her record would mean for her future and wanting to make a change, Sofia took advantage of all the self-care and well-being supportive services presented to her though the Bridges to Success program, including counseling, working with a job coach and obtaining a life coach. Three months later and with the support of the team, Sofia secured a full-time job making $15 per hour in customer service.

James unexpectedly found himself as a full-time father of his three-year-old daughter. Having a spotty upbringing with limited male role models and suffering from a brain injury, James quickly realized he had a lot of work to do if he was going to be the primary caretaker for his daughter. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the idea of his new role and fearful that his lack of a high school diploma would hold him back in the workforce, James’ VIEW worker referred him to the Bridges to Success program. At the initial screening process James was pleased to learn that while he had some challenges to overcome, there were many positive findings that he hadn’t considered. These results made it clear in what job duties and responsibilities he may find the most success, helping James conduct a more targeted job search and avoiding those that could potentially set him up for disappointment. With a new sense of purpose and a bit of excitement, he began working with a coach on reading and building self-confidence, found a stable place to call home, and connected with additional service providers who specialized in assisting those with his specific needs. He has since graduated from the VIEW Career Skills Enhancement and Microsoft Office trainings and is now working full-time making $13.04 per hour with benefits!

Partner and Provider Information

Many people go through life and never realize they have a hidden disability or other issues that may keep them from becoming self-supporting. If you work with customers who are receiving TANF and can answer “yes” to one or more of the following statements, Bridges to Success may be the right program for them. Complete the Bridges to Success: Partner Referral Form *.

* Fairfax County is committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in all county programs, services and activities. To request reasonable accommodations or to receive this information in an alternate format, call 703-704-6864 or TTY 703-704-6685.

  • Do you have difficulty understanding things you read or were you classified as a “slow learner” when you were in school?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate and/or focus on a specific task?
  • Are you having trouble keeping a job?
  • Have you been diagnosed by a doctor as having a learning disability or any other disabilities?
  • Do you struggle with depression or feel you need to use controlled substances to function?
  • Do you have an impairment or condition that is not obviously apparent or visible?
  • Do you have difficulty expressing yourself clearly?
  • Do you struggle with establishing and maintaining healthy social connections?

Get more information or find out more about the Bridges to Success program by contacting us:



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