General District Court

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Susan Madsen,
Clerk of Court

Email and Fax Policy

Each division in the Fairfax County General District Court accepts certain types of documents for email filing at our public email address, The goal is to provide a more convenient alternative to in-person filing for all users of the Court for certain types of filings.  The Court may make changes to this policy as necessary.

The Court may temporarily allow submissions by fax in certain instances WITH prior approval by the Clerk's Office.  To obtain approval, please call the appropriate division below:

  • Civil Division: 703-246-3012
  • Traffic Division: 703-246-2815
  • Criminal Division: 703-246-3305

To ensure prompt processing of documents filed via email, please follow these formatting guidelines:

  • File Format: Adobe PDF or Microsoft .doc/.docx
  • File Name: Should include name of defendant/party to case and GDC Case Number (Both are preferred, but if one is not available, provide as much information as possible.)
  • Number of pages: 10 pages or less.  Filings of more than 10 pages will not be accepted, unless prior approval is granted by the Clerk's Office in extenuating circumstances.
  • Please ensure that all text on the document is legible when printed.
  • Photographs will not be accepted via email except when following this procedure.
  • IMPORTANT: For security reasons, emails received by GDCMail that do not sufficiently identify which case they belong to without opening attachments will be deleted without a response. Please ensure that your email clearly identifies what you are filing and where it goes to ensure it is processed.

Generally, the cutoff for a document to be filed on a case is Noon, two business days before the document is needed on the case (court date, motion date, etc.) Emails received after this time may not be processed before the court date. In particular, emails sent outside of business hours (8AM to 4PM) will not be received until the next business day. Certain documents may have different deadlines, which will be noted below.

Documents are not considered filed until you receive a confirmation of receipt from the Clerk's Office. In addition, your filing must otherwise comply with the rules of service under Rule 1:12 of the Supreme Court of Virginia. Notably, this includes proper notice/service on other parties who may or may not accept electronic service.

Please Note: If you file via email and receive an email response confirming receipt, please do NOT file the same by mail or in person.  This practice of multiple submissions of the same filing causes extra work for the clerk's office.

  • Civil Division
    • Notices of Appearance
    • Notices of Satisfaction
    • Requests for Dismissal or Continuance
      • Plaintiffs can request dismissals or non-suits themselves. If there is a counter-claim or third-party claim, requests for dismissal need to be signed by all parties.  The Request for Court Action form is available for use in this instance.
    • Abstract Requests
    • Copy Requests using the Civil Copy Request Form
    • Answer and Grounds of Defense - 10 pages or less only
    • Bill of Particulars - 10 pages or less only
    • Motions
    • Agreed Orders
    • Preliminary Protective Order Petitions
    • Notice of Appeal and Appeal Bond forms
    • Remote Hearing Request forms
  • Traffic Division
    • Notices of Appearance (Please use EZSubmit if possible)
    • Motions
    • Continuance Requests
    • Copy Requests
    • DNA Requests
    • Agreed Discovery Orders (Discovery Order Form)
    • Requests for Witness Subpoena (Form DC-325)
    • Agreed Orders
    • Remote Hearing Request forms
  • Criminal Division
    • Notices of Appearance (Please use EZSubmit if possible)
    • Motions
    • Continuance Requests
    • Copy Requests
    • DNA Requests
    • Requests for Witness Subpoenas (Form DC-325)
    • Agreed Discovery Orders (Discovery Order Form)
    • Proof of Community Service/Compliance with Court-Ordered Programs
    • Agreed Orders
    • Remote Hearing Request forms
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