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Rabies Pre-Exposure Vaccination Information for Persons with Elevated Rabies Risk

A puppy licks a vetSome careers and activities can put a person at increased risk for rabies exposures. This includes people who work directly with animals that could have rabies and those who travel to parts of the world where rabies is common and access to medical care is limited. 

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is getting rabies vaccine doses before coming into contact with the rabies virus. This can help protect a person against unrecognized rabies exposures or in situations where rabies post-exposure prophylaxis may be delayed.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis consists of a 1mL injection of rabies vaccine given intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle followed by a booster dose 7 days later. Follow-up to maintain a target rabies antibody titer depends on a person’s risk level. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice’s recommendations on rabies vaccination guidance outline who should receive pre-exposure prophylaxis and the testing that may be needed to ensure that one remains protected over time.

What if I was exposed to rabies after receiving pre-exposure prophylaxis?

Pre-exposure prophylaxis does not eliminate the need for post-exposure prophylaxis in the event of an exposure, but it does simplify post-exposure prophylaxis. 

A person who has received pre-exposure prophylaxis for rabies should always seek medical care following any potential rabies exposure to seek advice and determine if rabies boosters are necessary. If the event is indeed an exposure, that person should receive two doses of vaccine, given on days 0 and 3.

A person who received pre-exposure vaccination for rabies should never receive rabies immune globulin.

Facilities that carry rabies vaccine and can provide pre-exposure prophylaxis

Pre-exposure prophylaxis can be given by any medical facility that carries rabies vaccines.

This list is not all-inclusive. Please call ahead to be sure that the vaccine is in stock and that location can accommodate your request.

Location Address Phone Number

Fairfax County Health Department, Joseph Willard Health Center

3750 Blenheim Boulevar

Fairfax, VA, 22030


Fairfax County Health Department, Annandale District

7611 Little River Turnpike, Suite 400E

Annandale, VA, 22003


Fairfax County Health Department, Springfield District

8136 Old Keene Mill Road, Suite A100

Springfield, VA, 22152


Fairfax County Health Department, Mount Vernon District

8350 Richmond Highway, Suite 233

Alexandria, VA, 22309


Fairfax County Health Department, Herndon-Reston District

1850 Cameron Glen Drive, Suite 100

Reston, VA, 20190


McLean Immediate Care

1340 Old Chain Bridge Rd #101

McLean, VA 22101


Passport Health, Centreville

13880 Braddock Rd STE 310

Centreville, VA 20121


Passport Health, Falls Church

7777 Leesburg Pike #208s

Falls Church, VA 22043


Passport Health, Reston

11862 Sunrise Valley Dr

Reston, VA 20191


Patient First, Alexandria

6311 Richmond Hwy

Alexandria, VA 22306


Patient First, Chantilly

3918 Centreville Rd

Chantilly, VA 20151


Patient First- Fairfax

10100 Fairfax Blvd

Fairfax, VA 22030


The Travel Clinic of Alexandria

6226 Old Franconia Road, Suite A

Alexandria, VA, 22310-3404


Safeway Pharmacies

Various locations

Call Ahead for Availability

Walgreens Pharmacies

Various locations

Call Ahead for availability

CVS Pharmacies

Various locations

Call Ahead for availability

Last updated December 16, 2022


Please contact the Fairfax County Health Department Rabies Control Program to speak with a Rabies Specialist.

Call: 703-246-2433

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