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Rabies Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Information for Exposed Persons

Adult woman visits female doctorBeing bitten by an animal is a frightening and painful experience. A rabid animal can spread the rabies virus through a bite or by getting their saliva in your open wound. However, rabies is 100 percent preventable. Animal bites can cause infections other than rabies, so be sure to immediately clean the wound prior to seeking care.

Most biting animals do not have rabies. Your doctor or the Fairfax County Health Department can help determine if you may have been exposed to rabies. If you have been exposed, a series of shots given on specific days, called rabies PEP, can prevent you from developing the disease.

Rabies PEP must be given before someone exposed to rabies starts to develop symptoms of the disease. Once symptoms appear in a person, there is no treatment and the disease is 100 percent fatal. Early symptoms of rabies typically appear weeks to months after the exposure. This means that a rabies exposure is an urgent situation, but not an emergency. Symptoms include weakness, fever, headache and prickling or itching at the site of the bite. A list of health care providers in Fairfax District that offer rabies PEP is provided below.

If you or your doctor have questions about rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), contact the Health Department rabies program manager at 703-246-2433.

Health care facilities offering rabies post-exposure prophylaxis services in Fairfax District, by facility name, 2022.

Services Offered

Facility Name


Phone Number

Rabies Immunoglobulin (RIG) Rabies Vaccine

HCA Reston

1850 Town Center Pkwy, Reston, VA 20190


HCA Tysons

8240 Leesburg Pike

Vienna, VA 22182


Inova Alexandria Hospital

4320 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22304

(703) 504-3000

Inova Emergency Care Center Fairfax

4315 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030

(703) 877-8200

Inova Emergency Care Center- Healthplex

9321 Sanger St, Lorton, VA 22079

(703) 982-8400

Inova Emergency Care Center- Reston

11901 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston, VA 20190

(703) 668-8333

Inova Fairfax Hospital

3300 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042

(703) 776-3116

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital

3600 Joseph Siewick Dr, Fairfax, VA 22033

(703) 391-3600

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

2501 Parkers Ln, Alexandria, VA 22306

(703) 664-7000

Kaiser Permanente Burke Medical Center

5999 Burke Commons Rd, Burke, VA 22015

(703) 249-7700

Kaiser Permanente Fair Oaks Medical Center

12255 Fair Lakes Pkwy, Fairfax, VA 22033

(703) 359-7878

Kaiser Permanente Falls Church Medical Center

201 N Washington St, Falls Church, VA 22046

(703) 237-4000

Kaiser Permanente Reston Medical Center

1890 Metro Center Dr, Reston, VA 20190

(703) 359-7878

Kaiser Permanente Springfield Medical Center

6501 Loisdale Ct, Springfield, VA 22150

(703) 359-7878

Kaiser Permanente Tysons Corner Medical Center

8008 Westpark Dr, McLean, VA 22102

(703) 287-6400


McLean Immediate Care

1340 Old Chain Bridge Rd #101, McLean, VA 22101

(703) 893-2273


Passport Health - Centreville

13880 Braddock Rd STE 310, Centreville, VA 20121

(703) 671-3600


Passport Health - Falls Church

7777 Leesburg Pike #208s, Falls Church, VA 22043

(703) 671-3600


Passport Health - Reston

11862 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191

(703) 671-3600


Patient First-  Alexandria

6311 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306

(703) 647-6087


Patient First- Chantilly

3918 Centreville Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151

(703) 657-6925


Patient First- Fairfax

10100 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030

(703) 679-1876


Safeway Pharmacies

Various locations

Call for Availability


The Travel Clinic of Alexandria

6226 Old Franconia Road, Suite A, Alexandria, VA, 22310-3404

(703) 313-5060


List updated on December 7, 2022.

What to Expect During your Initial Health Care Visit for Rabies PEP

Since animal bites and scrapes can cause other types of infections, the health care provider should clean and dress your wound and, if needed, prescribe antibiotics.

If you have never had a rabies vaccine, your initial health care visit for rabies PEP will need to be at a site where rabies immunoglobulin (RIG) is available (see table above), because these are the only facilities that have both the RIG and vaccine that you need. RIG contains antibodies that will immediately attach to and stop the rabies virus. To make sure the antibodies can easily get to all the rabies virus, your doctor will give you multiple shots of RIG around the wound. To work, RIG needs to be given in a shot and cannot be poured on the wound. 

If you have been given rabies shots before, be sure to tell your doctor because your treatment is very different from an unvaccinated person’s and is much easier. RIG should never be given to people who have completed a modern rabies vaccine series.

The second type of shot is called rabies vaccine. The vaccine will trigger your body to make your own antibodies against the rabies virus. The antibodies will then stop any rabies virus that was not stopped by the RIG. In an adult, the rabies vaccine must be given in a shoulder muscle, and the RIG cannot be put into the same shoulder. In an infant, the rabies vaccine can be given in the thigh, and the RIG cannot be put into the same thigh.

What to Expect During Your Follow-up Health Care Visits for Rabies PEP

If you have never had a rabies vaccine, you will need at least three more rabies shots that need to be given at 3 days, 7 days and 14 days after your first rabies vaccine to make sure your body quickly makes enough antibodies. If you are immunocompromised (e.g., have cancer, HIV or take certain medications) you will need an additional shot 28 days after your first rabies shot. If you have had rabies shots before, you will need only one more shot 3 days after your first rabies shot and nothing more.

Even with health care insurance, the full cost of the rabies PEP can be expensive. Rabies shots are available at all emergency departments in Fairfax District on a walk-in basis. However, emergency department visits can be costly. Other facilities in Fairfax Health District offer rabies vaccination that may be less expensive. These providers may or may not keep vaccine in their facility. Shots may need to be ordered several days in advance of your scheduled visit. Patients should contact the providers as far as possible in advance before they need their rabies shot so that it will be there when they go for treatment. Patients may want to call their insurance company to understand what costs are or are not covered before deciding where to seek care.

What If I Am Uninsured; How Do I Receive Rabies PEP?

PEP is available for people who do not have insurance and who have been potentially exposed to rabies. For more information, please contact the Health Department rabies program manager at 703-246-2433.

Future Rabies Exposures

Now that you have completed your rabies PEP, if you are ever potentially exposed to a rabid animal again you will not need RIG; however, you will need to receive two rabies booster vaccines to fully protect you from the rabies virus.


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