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Off-Street Parking


Modifications to Parking

Land Development Services is involved in off-street parking management in three primary areas:

Formerly known as parking reductions, these are opportunities to lower the supplied parking below any minimum requirement. A formal justification by a professional engineer is required. Parking adjustment options and criteria are found in Subsection 6100.6.

Below is an example table of a new standard shared parking calculation available in the Zoning Ordinance. This is provided for guidance on these types of submittals.

Variables relate to the applicable rate in Section 6 of the Zoning Ordinance. For square footages, convert 1,000s to a decimal place. Example: 100,000 gross square feet = 100; 6,500 gross square feet = 6.5.


A parking redesignation plan shows a proposed re-striping of the layout of site parking spaces. Submission of this plan is required when parking spaces are redesignated (added, eliminated, re-arranged or reconfigured) at a site and no other changes require submission of a site plan or minor site plan. The redesignation plan cannot reduce the number of site spaces below the minimum requirement.

parking spaces rearranged

The current tabulation form is linked below.  A formal submittal for staff review and approval is required under the defined criteria in the Ordinance. A new tabulation form that includes the changes to the parking requirements is under development and will be available soon.

parking tabulation form

Opt-in to Planned Tysons Corner (PTC) Rates

For existing sites in the Tysons Urban Core and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) districts, an option is available to assume the lower parking rates for these areas. Requests to reduce the number of parking spaces in these areas are submitted as Tysons Rate Redesignations (i.e., Tysons Opt-ins). The addition of an eligible use at the property will require approval from LDS when changes to the site require submission of a site plan, a minor site plan, a parking tabulation or a 2-step parking redesignation submission.

Bicycle Parking

New minimum rates for bicycle parking and other design and location requirements were established in 2024 to ensure the placement of bicycle facilities. The requirements apply to all forms of development.

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