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Off-Street Parking

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What is the difference?

Fairfax County regulates off-street parking on residential and non-residential sites to ensure that adequate parking is available. This is done primarily through the Zoning Ordinance regulations and the Public Facilities Manual as development plans are approved. Notwithstanding, land uses and parking layouts can change. The information below points applicants to the forms, checklists and process documents necessary to accommodate such changes to ensure compliance with County regulations.

Parking Reductions

Prior to submitting any request for a parking reduction, please contact the LDS Parking Program Manager.


Parking Redesignation Plan

parking spaces rearranged

  • A Parking Redesignation Plan shows a proposed re-striping layout of the parking spaces and travel lanes.
  • Submission of a Parking Redesignation Plan is required when parking spaces are redesignated (added, eliminated, re-arranged or reconfigured) at a site and no other changes require submission of a site plan or minor site plan.
  • Requests to reduce the number of parking spaces in Tysons are submitted as Tysons Rate Redesignations (i.e. Tysons Opt-ins).

Parking Tabulation Form

parking tabulation form

  • A Parking Tabulation shows the number of spaces required for all land uses (tenants) on a site, based on the Zoning Ordinance parking rates (Use the Land Use - Parking Rate Table to find the required parking rates).
  • Submission of a Parking Tabulation is required when a change or expansion in land use requires a greater parking requirement than the previous use and no physical changes and re-striping are proposed to the parking lot.

Information for Processing Parking Redesignations and Parking Tabulations


Where to submit?

Land Development Service's (LDS) Site Application Center accepts submissions of:

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  • Parking Tabulations
  • Parking Redesignation Plans
  • Requests for opting into the Planned Tysons Corner Urban District’s (PTC) parking rates for existing uses - in conjunction with either a site plan, a minor site plan, a parking tabulation or a 2-step parking redesignation submission - provided that the property:

Room 203, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Herrity Building, Fairfax, VA 22035
703-222-0801 (Option 1), TTY 711

Owners of properties already zoned to the PTC District who are interested in using the District’s parking rates for a use should consult the Zoning Administration Division on the proposed use’s eligibility.  The addition of an eligible use at the property will require approval from LDS when changes to the site require submission of a site plan, a minor site plan, a parking tabulation or a 2-step parking redesignation submission.

Room 250, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035
703-222-1082, TTY 711

Tyson logo Questions about using the PTC District parking rates as part of a zoning case, should contact the Zoning Evaluation Division.

Room 801, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035
703-324-1290, TTY 711

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