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Expedited Building Plan Review Program


The Expedited Building Plan Review Program offers a method to obtain a building permit in at least half the usual time. The program enables owners, developers, designers and homeowners to hire county-certified, private-sector, registered design professionals to “peer review” construction documents for code compliance prior to submission to the county.

Once submitted, permit issuance is accelerated as the peer reviewed plans are given priority status during the building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plan review process. To see a list of approved peer reviewers, see the Certified Peer Reviewer List. If you wish to expedite the plans through the fire review, it is recommended that an approved fire protection engineer pre-review the plans.

Owners and developers, especially those unfamiliar with Fairfax County process, are encouraged to employ peer reviewers during the initial design phase to help streamline the design/development process. They are cautioned to remember that peer reviewers are not a part of the design team. Rather, they are a knowledgeable resource with code enforcement responsibilities like those of county staff. Read about peer reviewer conflict of interest below.

The program is available to all commercial and residential projects. This is a great option for commercial tenant fit-out plans that do not qualify for our Fast Track process and residential projects that are not eligible for walk-thru. New commercial projects also benefit from the program; however, highly complex buildings may not see time savings.

If you have additional questions, please contact Building Plan Review at 703-222-0114, TTY 711, or via email.

Peer Reviewer Conflict of Interest

  • Fairfax County Certified Peer reviewers shall faithfully discharge the duties entrusted to them by the Building Official, exhibit dedication to the protection of public health, safety, and welfare, and maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  • Peer reviewers shall provide services only in the areas of their competence consistent with their certification, experience and expertise.
  • Peer reviewers may be retained at any stage of the design process and may be engaged to answer code-related questions.
  • Peer reviewers shall not review plans for designs performed by their own firm, even though not involved in the design.
  • Peer reviewers shall not perform inspections for designs performed by their own firm, unless specifically approved by the Building Official.
  • Peer reviewers shall not be influenced by owners, developers, contractors and members of the design team in the performance of their duty.
  • Other than their customary fee for services, peer reviewers shall not have financial interests in common with the owner, developer or contractor.
  • Peer Reviewers shall disclose to the Building Official all known or potential conflicts of interest that may, or appear to, influence their judgment.
  • Peer reviewers found to be in violation of this Conflicts of Interests policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the program.
  • The Fairfax County Expedited Buildings Plans Review Coordinator shall be responsible for implementing this policy.
  • Appeals of disciplinary action shall be directed to the Fairfax County Building Official (FCBO). Decisions of the FCBO with respect to this Conflicts of Interests Policy shall be final.




8:00AM, Presented by Keith Ruby/Maryia Lackansingh.



8:00AM, Presented by Keith Ruby/Maryia Lackansingh.

How to Become a Peer Reviewer

If you are an architect or professional engineer and you wish to obtain certification as a Peer Reviewer, you must meet the minimum qualifications and program requirements listed below.

Licensed Professional

To be a certified Peer Reviewer you must hold a valid and current license in the commonwealth of Virginia as a professional engineer or architect.

ICC Certifications and Examinations

Each Peer Reviewer must hold certifications from the International Code Council as shown in the table below in order to be certified as a Peer Reviewer for the specific component. You may obtain International Code Council certification by successfully completing Professional Certification Examinations.

Experience in Code Application and Plan Check/Review

Provide an abbreviated resume to demonstrate a minimum of five years of experience designing, checking and reviewing using the Code(s) for the discipline(s) in which certification is sought. Include additional information that may be helpful evaluating your experience.

Provide three references with contact information that will verify your professional experience. Questions may be directed to Bill Crodick, Expedited Building Plan Review Program coordinator, at 703-324-4395, TTY 711.

Peer Reviewer Revocation

Fairfax County may revoke your certification as a Peer Reviewer if you do not consistently recommend drawings which meet the requirements of the building code, following the program guidelines or maintain the minimum qualifications for certification as listed above

Initial Training

Once you have passed your required examinations, you must attend a Fairfax County initial training session. Initial training sessions are held by appointment and can be scheduled by contacting Bill Crodick at 703-324-4395, TTY 711, or by email.

Annual Training

Certified Peer Reviewers are required to attend at least two round table discussions per calendar year with Building Plan Review.

  • Additional training sessions, as listed above, are offered on Friday mornings from 8 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. in Room 106 (unless noted otherwise) of the Herrity Building.
  • You must sign in upon arrival in order to receive credit.
  • If county offices are closed or on "unscheduled" leave due to inclement weather, classes will be canceled.
  • For more information, contact the Expedited Building Plan Review coordinator at 703-324-4395, TTY 711.

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