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Carey Needham
Director, Capital Facilities

Capital Facilities - Land Acquisition Division

Huntington Levee
Huntington Levee

Land Acquisition Division (LAD) of Capital Facilities is responsible for the acquisition of land or right‐of‐way and other land rights, including permanent and temporary easements and letters of permission, necessary to support the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). Programs and projects supported include transportation (e.g., roadways, sidewalks, trails, transitways, and bus stops), wastewater, storm drainage, public buildings, developer default, and utility projects. This includes all aspects of property analysis during design, land title research, appraisal or appraisal review, plan and plat review, negotiations, and coordination with landowners and owner representatives to acquire property or land rights in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner. The Land Acquisition Division is subject to federal and Virginia codes and regulatory requirements. Support also can include participation and presentation at citizen information meetings. For certain projects, the Land Acquisition Division is responsible for staff work associated with implementation of the Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) power of eminent domain, including administrative items, public hearing packages, presentation at required BOS public hearings, follow up notices, and working with the Office of the County Attorney to clear recorded condemnation certificates.

LAD contains two branches consisting of a Branch Chief, Senior Right-of-Way Agents, Right-of-Way Agents/Property Analysts, and Engineering Technicians. These branches are responsible for the land/land rights acquisitions supporting capital projects.

LAD also contains a Land Partnerships section consisting of a Project Coordinator and the LAD Appraisal Manager. The Project Coordinator is responsible for site search and whole parcel negotiations/acquisitions in support of (mainly vertical) capital projects. The Appraisal Manager manages the contracts for title and appraisal services and provides oversight of appraisals and review appraisals needed for capital projects.

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