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Christopher S. Herrington,

Lincoln-Lewis-Vannoy (LLV) System Improvements – Phase I

(Project # WW-000001-026)

Project Update: February 15, 2022

Project Background

The Lincoln-Lewis-Vannoy community is served by a low-pressure sewer system originally installed in the 1980s. As the system has aged and the area has been developed there have been an increasing number of sewer main breaks in recent years. Capacity issues have also been identified and have caused residents to experience backups in their homes during wet weather events.

Project Description

The intent of phase I of this project is to reduce system pressure and the risk of sewer main breaks. A review of the system determined a segment of 4-inch pipe between manhole MH 066-2-016 and a point where the flows from Lewis Park combine with the flows from Lincoln Park and Vannoy Acres has the highest consequence of failure. This phase will replace approximately 1,320 linear feet of 4-inch pipe along Braddock Road with two parallel 4-inch pipes of approximately 1,500 linear feet each to separate the Lincoln Park and Vannoy Acres flows from the Lewis Park flow.

Project Location

The project is located on Braddock Road approximately between Crofton Green Drive and Willow School Road.

LLV project location map
Map: Project Location


Project Phase

The project is currently in the pre-design phase.

Project Benefits

The LLV System Phase I Improvements project will:

  • Alleviate system pressures
  • Create redundancy in the system
  • Reduce risk of sewer main breaks
  • Provide more reliable service


Design begins: Spring 2022
Design completes: Fall 2022
Construction begins: Spring 2023


What to Expect

The project will be awarded to a qualified contractor through a competitive bidding process once design efforts are completed. All work will be supervised by Fairfax County staff. Every effort will be made to minimize disturbances and impacts to public and private areas. Careful consideration will be given to schedule construction activities to minimize disruption in the community. There will be no disruption to existing sanitary sewer service.

Project Cost and Funding Source

Construction of the first phase of the LLV System Improvements project is estimated at $1,400,000. Wastewater construction projects are funded through the County’s Capital Improvement Program.


For more information, please email the Project Manager, Sylvia McLain at within the Wastewater Design and Construction Division, Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, or call 703-324-5111, TTY 711.

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