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Original Mount Vernon High School

Original Mount Vernon High School Exterior

Project Update: February 2, 2024

Help us come up with a new name and brand for Original Mount Vernon High School.

In 2016, Fairfax County began planning efforts for the renovation and reuse of the existing Original Mount Vernon High School (OMVHS) to bring a new resource center to the neighborhood focused on human development, enrichment, and fostering community connections across generations and backgrounds.

The Fairfax County project team would like to hear from you to ensure the new name and brand reflect the vibrancy of the community. Please fill out the survey on the link below to give us your opinion. Your responses will help us understand the priorities, values, and preferences of your community, and help us develop a new brand identity and name that are appealing to the entire community.

This survey should take 2 minutes to complete and is anonymous. Survey responses will be received through February 11, 2024.

Public Hearing Presentation - September 2023

Original Mount Vernon High School Renovation and Adaptive Reuse Project

The main goal for this project is to create a “Human Development Center” by providing Pathways to Opportunity through education, workforce development, and life skills development programs. The building uses were carefully selected to create multi-generational community spaces and have a synergy among them. Another goal of this project is delivering services effectively and allowing flexibility to adapt to future needs. The project also supports the vision of One Fairfax and the County Strategic Plan.

The OMVHS facility is designed to provide flexibility and accommodate the programming needs of the community. The proposed programs and uses are organized in 3 groups:

  • Core elements are non-profit programs, Teen and Senior Center, Gym and Early Childhood education programs.
  • Anchor elements are educational programs to support workforce development.
  • Complementary Elements are the business incubation spaces, visual and performing arts programs that are in synergy with the core and anchor element programs. Additionally, the Welcome Center and the current library, which will be converted to an event space with this project, will be used by the community for gatherings and provide opportunities for community events.

The project is designed to meet the Fairfax County Sustainable Development Policy. A geothermal system will be provided to achieve LEED-Gold certification and provide 25% energy efficiency. Additionally, solar panels will be provided on the flat roof areas pending approval by the Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources. The project will also include electrical vehicle charging stations. Stormwater management will be provided by Low Impact Development facilities.


The Original Mount Vernon High School (OMVHS) was built in 1939, a classic example of Colonial Revival architecture. The county-owned facility is located at 8333 Richmond Highway on a 22-acre property that was once part of George Washington’s estate.

In 1987, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources determined that the high school property was eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The school was listed on the Virginia Historic Landmarks Register in December 2017, and in the National Registry of Historic Places in May 2018. The approximately 140,000-square-foot OMVHS facility consists of the main high school building and several smaller buildings to the west and south of the main structure. There are two athletic fields to the southeast of the property that are scheduled for community use.

Phased Plan
Phase 1 - Renovation and adaptive re-use of historic structures. Phase 2 – Future Development on the balance of BOS Property - TBD. Future Phase - Development of balance of site including FCPA property - TBD

Planning Efforts

In fall 2016, following vacation of the long-term lease in the Original Mount Vernon High School, Fairfax County began an effort to plan for adaptive reuse of the building and the site. A number of interim and permanent occupancies have been implemented including the renovation and opening of the gym, a satellite Fire Marshal’s Office for the South County area, a Fairfax County Public Schools registration site, and relocation of the teen/senior center from the South County Center. Parallel to these efforts, in early 2018, the county hired a development team to explore concepts for the long-term redevelopment of the overall OMVHS site combined with George Washington RECenter and park.

The OMVHS master development planning process was concluded in fall 2019. Following early proposed redevelopment concepts for renovations, a mix of new residential development, and additional public facilities, the county determined to focus on a phased approach to redevelopment that would align with the EMBARK and Bus Rapid Transit project along the Richmond Highway Corridor, which is in the planning phase. As such, the priority for the redevelopment work has been placed on the renovations and adaptive reuse of the historic high school and related site work as Phase I of the overall redevelopment. Phase I work includes ADA accessibility; exterior, windows, and roof work; upgrading the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems; and upgrading utilities. The restoration work will stabilize the building and prevent further deterioration. A request for qualifications for architectural and engineering consultant services was advertised in August 2019 to begin the design for the historic renovations. Phase II of redevelopment planning continues.

The overarching vision of Phase I is to leverage the former high school to build communities of opportunity, create career pathways, connect different generations and better integrate residents into the economy. The renovated high school will be suitable for educational, childcare and childhood education programs; art, recreational, and life skill training programs; and innovation and business incubation spaces.

Presentations to the Community

Public Hearing Presentation - September 2023 (PDF)

Original Mount Vernon High School Redevelopment Community Meeting June 1, 2022 (PDF)

Original Mount Vernon High School Redevelopment Community Meeting June 24, 2021 (PDF)

Original Mount Vernon High School Redevelopment Community Meeting on June 29, 2020 (PDF)

Supervisor Storck discusses the redevelopment vision and goals and the project managers present a virtual tour of the existing building.


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