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Willie Woode
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December Meeting Minutes

Governance Working Group Meeting Minutes - December 18, 2023

Approved January 23, 2024

Meeting held virtually via Microsoft Teams  

Mr. Peters called the meeting to order at 9:07am. Those attending were:

NVSWCD Directors
Jerry Peters, Director-Chairman
Scott Cameron, Director-Vice Chairman
Chris Koerner, Director
Monica Billger, Director
Adria Bordas, Director-Extension


NVSWCD Staff Members
Willie Woode, Executive Director
Trish Feth, Communications Specialist
Heather Shackley, Operations Manager
Dan Schwartz, Soil Scientist

Cooperating Agency Representatives
Debbie Cross, Virginia DCR
Jacob Zielinski, Virginia DOF
Matt Meyers, Fairfax County OEEC


Dana Barakat
Rhonda Bitterli
Jim Rice, Gallagher Consultants


Mr. Peters nominated Mr. Cameron to be the chair of the Governance Working Group, and Mr. Cameron accepted. Mr. Cameron asked Dr. Rice if he would like to summarize his findings. Dr. Rice directed everyone to his report, which had been provided to all board and staff members at the special board meeting held on November 29, 2023, and stated that his role would be as a consultant for this meeting.

Board members, along with Mr. Woode, discussed at length what the outcome of the meeting should be and how best to reach that outcome.  Mr. Cameron suggested drafting example scenarios that would illustrate the appropriate roles and communication channels among board members, staff, and the executive director, which members could then collaboratively edit.  Mr. Cameron said he would create the document and send it to members within the next couple of days. The final version of this document will be in the form of an addition to the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District director’s handbook.

Mr. Cameron adjourned the meeting at 10:51 am.

The next meeting of the Governance Working Group will be held in January and will be an in-person meeting.

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