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Conservation Assistance Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in the process is to request a site visit to determine cost-share program eligibility. Complete the electronic form on the Conservation Assistance Programs information page to request a site visit. 

The Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts webpage has descriptions of practices that are eligible for funding.

NVSWCD is not involved in the design or installation process of VCAP projects. Staff is available to provide guidance, but the gathering of application materials is the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants may hire designers or contractors if desired. 

Yes, each parcel is limited to a lifetime maximum of 2 approved and installed practices. Please reach out to District staff if you have any questions on eligibility for submitting another application.

Yes! We encourage neighbors to work together. However, each will need to submit a separate application. Every situation is different so please contact us to discuss in more detail.

No. VCAP is a program that is governed by the Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and implemented by each individual district in the state. Each district is allowed to place secondary considerations in addition to the general program guidelines for all of their projects. All VCAP applications must go through the local district.

Yes! An official representative (e.g., board/committee member) may complete the site visit request form on behalf of their organization.

You are responsible for the functioning of the project for 10 years unless you either transfer the remainder of the maintenance agreement to the new property owner or pay back a prorated amount of the cost-share received. Please contact NVSWCD to initiate a transfer/termination of agreement.

Yes. We do NOT allow projects to be started prior to approval. If you start your project after submitting an application but before receiving approval, your application will become void and you will not be eligible to receive reimbursement.

The program is based on reimbursement of actual costs of installing the practice. Cost share amounts vary per practice and a list of current rates is available from NVSWCD.

The program works on a reimbursement basis. After your practice is installed, it will first be inspected by NVSWCD staff. Reimbursement approval by the program will be based on whether the installed practice aligns with the approved design. 

The final cost share amount is based on the invoices submitted. If the actual cost is higher than the original estimate, unfortunately, you cannot receive more than the cost share amount approved at the time of application. If the actual cost is lower, the cost share amount may be reduced. 

No. VCAP only offers cost-share to individuals who are voluntarily installing practices on their properties. We also do not cost-share facilities if they are required due to the violation of county easements or code/ordinances. New homes are not eligible for VCAP cost-share until one year after the residential occupancy permit has been issued.

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