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Rain Barrel Art

Using artistic rain barrels at home help protect local streams and add beauty to your landscape!

Check out these twelve artistic rain barrels which were featured at local libraries, schools, community centers and businesses in the spring of 2015! These unique works of art were painted and decorated by local artists and were a fun and creative way to spread the word about using rain barrels to improve water quality. See below for pictures, artists, and where each barrel was displayed. The 2015 Rain Barrel Art program was created by the Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Program and funded by the 495 Express Lanes Community Grant Program. Learn more about rain barrels.

Tips for Painting Your Rain Barrel

See the Rain Barrel Program's Tips for Painting Your Rain Barrel for guidance from prep work to the top coat.

Rain Barrel Workshop Registration

Register to attend an upcoming workshop to build your own rain barrel: Rain Barrel Workshop Registration. The Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Program is a partnership that brings low-cost rain barrels to residents of Fairfax County, Falls Church, Arlington County, Alexandria, and surrounding areas. The rain barrels hold approximately 50 gallons. They are 23 inches wide and range from 41.25 inches to 43.75 inches tall.

Corinne deJesus rain barrel art

Corinne deJesus
Summer in my Garden
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Michelle Davies rain barrel art

Michelle Davies
Maidens of the Waters
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Gretchen Harris rain barrel art

Gretchen Harris
A Unique Take on Mother Earth
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Belvedere Elementary School rain barrel art

Belvedere Elementary
Ms. Dillane’s 5th Grade Class
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Crista Kostenko rain barrel art

Crista Kostenko
Connections are Everywhere!
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Carolina Mayorga rain barrel art

Carolina Mayorga
Deep Waters
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Erin Miller rain barrel art

Erin Miller
The Secret Garden Gnome
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Key Elementary rain barrel art

Key Elementary School
5th Grade Rain Barrel Club
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Jenny Whiteman rain barrel art

Jenny Whiteman
The Iconography of Wings
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Allison Cusato rain barrel art

Allison Cusato
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Donna LaFontain rain barrel art

Donna LaFontain
Drip by Drop
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Howard Gardner School rain barrel art

Howard Gardner School

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