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Science Fair Projects - NVSWCD Awards

NVSWCD serves as an organizational judge for the Fairfax County Regional Science and Engineering Fair. The NVSWCD judging team looks at projects related to streams, water quality, soils, erosion, stormwater management, nonpoint source pollution, and other natural resource issues.

The District awards a $100 scholarship to the top project, a $75 scholarship to the second project, and $50 for the third place project. The District may recognize additional outstanding projects with an honorable mention.


  • The Effect of In-Soil Organic Matter on Erosion of Saturated Topsoil, Michelle Ascrizzi, Langley HS
  • The Effect of Nanosilvers on Pond Life (Daphnia magna), Bilal Mahmood & Varun Kota, Chantilly HS
  • A Planter Box's Ability to Filter NO3 and PO4 from Fertilizer, Jeffrey Bukont & Tomas Denemark, James Madison HS
  • Using Aquatic Plants to Reduce Nitrogen in the Chesapeake Watershed, Elijah Christopher, James Madison HS


  • The Effect of Fertilization and Recycling on Water Quality, Lia Chandra & Lillian Cooper, McLean HS
  • The Effect of Varying Amounts of Fertilizer on Duckweed Population Growth, William Escobar, Robert E. Lee HS
  • The Effect of Soil Moisture Content on the Erosion of Topsoil by Water, Michelle Ascrizzi, Langley HS
  • The Effect of Road Salts on Pea Plants, Matthew Kile & Jack McDaniels & Jason Bard, South County SS


  • The Effects of Land Use on Water Quality, Ramya Joshi, Oakton HS
  • Effect of Plants on Amounts of Runoff in the Accotink Creek Watershed, Naomi DuCharme & Emily Dettbarn, Woodson HS
  • The Effect of Pond Water pH on the Oxygen Production of Protozoa, Samuel Light, Centreville HS
  • The Effect of Fertilizer on Banana Peel Decomposition Rate, Evan Chase, Lake Braddock HS


  • Elementary Heavy Metal Lake Content, Evan Kramer, Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • The Effect of Oysters on Nitrate Levels, Brandon Lohmar, Langley High School
  • The Effect of Olivine Absorption of CO2, Brooke Nelson and Sarah Worthington, Westfield High School
  • Water Retention Disparities of Four Organic Mulches, Idil Yonis, Robinson Secondary School


  • Effect of Insecticide Concentration on Earthworm Health, Stephanie Halsted and Katherine Walton, South County Secondary School
  • Greywater Filtration to Protect Worm Food Supply, Valentina Lohr, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
  • Wolbachia Presence in Aquatic Macroinvertebrates, Maria Kanevsky and Kinsey Moser, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
  • Effect of Stream Water Quality on the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, Cyrus Adams-Mardi and Tristan Keightley, West Potomac High School


  • Land Use Classification System using NAIP Imagery, Gina L. Li, Langley High School
  • The Effect of Oyster Mushrooms on Oil in Soil, Emma C. Dodd, Herndon High School
  • Health of Renovated and Unrenovated Streams, Ryan M. McLain, South Lakes High School
  • The Effect of Algaecides on Eutrophication, Camila Moscoso, Stuart High School
  • The Effect of Pollutants on Marine Life, Stephanie Durham and Sara Hahm, Marshall High School


  • Effect of Cattails in Reducing Nitrate Pollution, Kiren Ajrawat, Oakton High School (Freshman)
  • Vitamin C a Key to SAV, Sae-Li Kim and Sivasankari Rajamarthandan, Robinson Secondary (Juniors)
  • The Study of Nitrogen Deposition on WI Fast Plants, Mahtaab Bagherzadeh, Ann Vo and Nicole Wright, Stuart High School (Seniors)
  • Grass Species and Nitrogen Runoff, Rachel Campbell, West Potomac High School (Sophomore)


  • The Efficacy of Carbon Sequestration of Wetlands, Jun Hong (Johnny) Kim, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Junior)
  • Accotink Creek Watershed Study Year 3, Amanda M. Harbison, Falls Church High School (Junior)
  • Soil pH and Endomycorrhizal Association, Carrie Bevis, Thanh Nguyen, and Nadia Thura, Stuart High School (Seniors)
  • Effect of Soil Additives on Plant Growth, Gabriel Ritter, Marshall High School (Junior)
  • The Effect of Runoff on A. vinelandii, Catie R. Liebeck, West Potomac High School (Sophomore)
  • Can Nature Preserves Survive Urbanization?, Suzanne M Thibeault, Falls Church High School (Sophomore)


  • The Effect of Greywater on Plants, Gabriel Ritter, Marshall High School (Sophomore)
  • The Suffocating Effect of Trees, Edward Kim, McLean High School (Junior)
  • An Assessment of Potomac River Water Toxicity, Alice Chae and Lauren Corbett, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology


  • Microbial Bioconversion of Varying Concentrations, Samantha Dodbele, Hayfield Secondary School (Senior)
  • Effect of Over the Counter Medications (OTC) on the Survival Rate of Daphnia, Anuj Gupta and Diksha Gupta, Chantilly High School (Sophomores)
  • The Effect of Green Roofs on the Environment, Amy Baker, Adrienne Lowry & Adrienne Sanchez, Westfield High School (Sophomores)


  • Streams and Shrubberies: A Saga of Soggy Science, Carl Stankwitz, Centreville High School (Sophomore)
  • LH-PCR Analysis of Smallmouth Bass from the Shenandoah River, Peter Bojö, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Senior)
  • Could Gypsum Save the Bay?, Jacob Boswell, John Christenson & Joshua Gaghan, Lee High School (Freshmen)


  • Effect of Acid Rain and other Environmental Factors on the pH of Bright Pond, Hunter Bohlen and Matthew Ryan, Langley High School (Freshmen)
  • Effect of Runoff Pollution on the Population Growth of Lemna Minor, Paul C. Eskridge II, Hayfield Secondary School (Sophomore)
  • How Does Woodrow Wilson Bridge Construction Affect the Potomac River, Kelsey McManus and Elaine Westcott, Woodson High School (Sophomores)


  • Effect of Wetland Filtration on Pollution in Water, Kristina Dahmann, Elizabeth Grady & Alyssa Kuhn, West Potomac High School (Juniors)
  • Good for Us, Good for Nature, Cornelia Woodly, Lake Braddock Secondary School (Sophomore)
  • Fecal Matters: Exploring the Filtering Use of Feces, Ryan Akrami, Matthew Karrenbauer & Daniel Saboe, Centreville High School (Sophomores)


  • The Effect of Nitrogen on Algae Growth, Eileen Foley, Chantilly High School (Freshman)
  • The Effect of Aquatic Plants on Polluted Water, Denise Linn
  • Assessing the Water Quality on Cub Run, Christopher Graham & Alvin Lin, Oakton High School (Sophomores)
  • Effect of Water Treatment on the Water Quality, Kathleen Dixon


  • Dyke Marsh—A Healthy Wetland? Crystal D. Duffield, West Potomac High School (Sophomore)
  • Emerging Molecular Tools for Fecal Source Tracking, Diana L. Clough, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Senior)
  • Effects of Water Treatment on Macroinvertebrates, Eileen R. McCaffrey & Stephanie M. Souther, Robinson Secondary School (Sophomores)
  • Stream Pollution, Mariam O. Abu-Ali & Walaa A. Turkistani, Islamic Saudi Academy (Freshmen)
  • Water Chemistry Analysis to Biological Assessments, Lauren Gagen-Cheeney & Tiffany Ung, Woodson High School (Seniors)
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