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Sustainable Garden Tour

The 2019 Sustainable Garden Tour will be held Sunday, June 9th from 1-5 PM, featuring rain gardens, native plant landscaping, rain barrels, backyard wildlife habitat, edible gardens, composting and more. Local residents open their gardens and share their experiences landscaping with natural resources in mind. This year's tour will feature gardens from homes, schools, libraries, and churches in the Vienna-Oakton area. Hidden treasures and verdant landscapes await you!

Please enjoy each garden at your own pace. Visit as many or as few as you like. No RSVP is required. Free and open to all!

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The Sustainable Garden Tour is coordinated by the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District. Special thanks to Garden Tour partners: Fairfax Master Naturalists and Fairfax County Public Schools Get2Green. Thank you!

For more information or to nominate a site, please email us or call 703-324-2696, TTY 711.

2019 Garden Tour Sites


RooneyRooney Residence, 104 Harmony Drive SW, Vienna VA 22180

Interested in native plants -- but don't know where to start? Come see how these gardeners are adapting their landscape to be more environmentally and wild life friendly, one plant at a time. Non-native plants inherited when the house was purchased are gradually being replaced with native plants to attract birds, butterflies, and other species -- baby box turtles were born here in past years!



Oakton LibraryOakton Library, 10304 Lynnhaven Place, Oakton VA 22124

The Oakton Library rain garden hosts a variety of beautiful blooms throughout the summer and fall. The plants were established quickly and maintenance has been relatively easy.  The selection of native plants will continue to provide habitat for native insects and birds for many seasons. This is one of the most beautiful and successful rain gardens in the Fairfax County system.



Beaty ResidenceBeaty Residence, 3009 James Street, Fairfax VA 22031

The front yard of this residence has become a meadow with plenty of native habitat for birds and other wildlife, including the groundhog that lives under the shed. The native plants with sequential blooms keep the pollinators and butterflies busy. Even the rock garden is composed of locally gathered native quartz providing a site for plants needing good drainage.



Holtz ResidenceHoltz Residence, 3310 Saddlestone Court, Oakton VA 22124

“We chose native plants because they provide ideal habitat for countless species of wildlife including birds, insects, and pollinators such as hummingbirds and monarch butterflies. Native plants are beautiful, often with showy flowers, colorful fruits and seeds, interesting textures, and spectacular seasonal colors!” This residence is an Audubon at Home and National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as a Monarch Waystation.


Flint Hill ESFlint Hill Elementary School, 2444 Flint Hill Road, Vienna VA 22181

“Several years ago, a two year clean-up occurred, and we now boast extensive gardens that include, but are not limited to, a Monarch Way Station, a sensory garden, a native species garden, and raised beds that will soon be used to support our garden to table initiatives. We tie everything we do to the NWF Eco-Schools sustainable development goals, using our gardens as a teaching tool for everyday outdoor learning.”







Hoffman ResidenceHoffman Residence, 1926 Batten Hollow Road, Vienna VA 22182

These homeowners have reduced the volume of runoff from their property through the use of conservation landscaping and stormwater management practices that would increase soil permeability and filter water. They converted lawn area to native plants to provide habitat and food sources for birds and insects while reducing the effects of lawn fertilizers. The property boasts a three-tiered stormwater holding pond system with native plantings to slow and filter the runoff. 


UUCF imageUnitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax (UUCF), 2709 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton VA 22124

UUCF has addressed runoff and erosion challenges by adding terracing, vegetated swales, a detention basin, and an infiltration trench to their parking area and have protected natural diversity by maintaining native trees and removing invasive plant species. They have an ongoing program of invasive-plant removal and re-vegetation with native plant species. All of these efforts have greatly improved the sustainability and beauty of the grounds at UUCF.  


Lattimore residence Lattimore Residence, 8396 Idylwood Road, Vienna VA 22182

This beautiful home features a rain garden, living roof, native plant landscaping, and green home construction, which will all be open for the tour. The house uses effective passive and active solar heating of the home and a narrow footprint for air movement, and was built using wood milled from the property, salvaged architectural pieces and recycled components.



Kahn-Furlong ResidenceKahn-Furlong Residence, 9412 Cello Court, Vienna VA 22182

This half acre property aims to be as colorful as possible and wildlife friendly with native plants. NY granite terraces reduce runoff in a sloped shade garden. Sunny areas mix perennials, groundcovers, and small shrubs, plus a vegetable garden. See the innovative deer prevention strategies, downspout redirection and rain barrels.